Mike Rogers Announces New Startup CsuiteIQ Offering Middle-Market CEOs a Csuite Support Solution

CsuiteIQ is composed of principals who have led billion-dollar companies and others who have started, scaled and sold companies. Now, they are directing their focus and knowledge toward CEOs of middle-market companies and their management teams to accelerate growth.

Managing Principal Mike Rogers announced the launch of CsuiteIQ, which surrounds CEOs and their management teams with external Csuite counterparts. Rogers, who holds an MS in Business Analytics from New York University’s Stern Business School, has spent years studying businesses. 

“Industry research shows that 80% of lower- and middle-market businesses are plateaued and lack meaningful growth. Yet, 75% of the CEOs of these companies state that growth is their top objective. That represents a large gap which we are striving to close!” 

CsuiteIQ’s knowledgeable and expert principals are former Csuite executives who now mentor and guide CEOs and their teams. Today, the velocity of change in the market is increasing exponentially, which leads to greater opportunities for companies which are positioned to understand, leverage and execute on these changes. CsuiteIQ helps companies adopt a business model that identifies changes in the market and customers’ behavior, continuously enhances products and services to create an ever-increasing market and organizes essential resources to maximize customers’ lifetime value and profitability.

CsuiteIQ does much of the heavy lifting to formulate and lead the execution of an actionable growth strategy. Where other advisory alternatives provide perspective from 20,000 feet, CsuiteIQ works at the ground level by managing each task (aka ‘sprints’) required to reach the growth objectives. Based upon the make-up and strengths of a company’s internal management team, the integrated CsuiteIQ team is designed to complement and pair with individuals within the management team. This interconnected working relationship of the internal management team and the external CsuiteIQ team is the catalyst to success. 

“We dive deep within each company to understand their unique obstacles to growth, and then devise actions to resolve these challenges and create continual growth opportunities,” said Rogers. “We have experienced strong demand for our value proposition in the marketplace, which validates the unmet growth needs of middle-market companies. Due to the size of the market, we will continue to grow our Csuite teams with seasoned executives who are passionate about helping companies and their teams reach their full potential.” 

About CsuiteIQ 

CsuiteIQ is the first integrated Csuite solution for lower- and middle-market companies.  We surround CEOs and their management teams with expertise to realize sustainable growth and ultimately greater enterprise value.  Our Csuite teams are uniquely composed of CXOs who hold advanced degrees from top business, engineering and law schools and have years of valuable business experience. Combined, our team has realized enterprise value increases of over $1B for companies they have led.   

Visit the company’s website at www.CsuiteIQ.com.

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