Midwest’s Interior Water Wall: How to Make a Water Wall

When revamping a boring garden décor, many natural details must be taken into account so that the ornamentation is appealing and full of charm. It is essential to incorporate something more natural to achieve a better decorative style. For example, you can use Interior Water Wall as a unique element. To bring in some Zen, water can be included as part of the decoration through a Water Wall.

The sound of water in any space is highly recommended since it is relaxing and pleasant. So if you want to make your garden an area where you put all stress aside, disconnect from the world, live enjoyable moments of relaxation, and above all enjoy nature to the fullest, you have to make a Water Wall Interior as part of the garden decor.

At Midwest, you can explore the creative ideas to create your personal space with a Water Wall Interior. Yes, you can make a beautiful Water Wall improve the decoration of your patio or garden. Here, we leave you with some tips and recommendations so that you know how to make a Water Wall for the garden.

Design the Water Wall and the Pond

First, you have to decide on the type of design or shape that the pond will have. And, of course, what size you want, in addition to the location. All this has to be done based on the size and space that you have in the garden. You will not choose a pond that is too large for a small garden. You also have to slowly analyze how it will look and try to take advantage of the natural slopes that the garden has.

You also have to consider that there are different designs of Interior Water Wall, basically, they have different types of walls, and here you have to choose the one you want the most. It is time to clean the lawn of the place where it has been decided to make the Water Wall and mark the dimensions of the pond on which the water from the Water Wall will fall.

Make the Pond and Locate the Filters

In this step, you have to consider that the location of the water filters determines the flow of the water in the pond. Therefore, the top filter needs to be located at one of the highest points in the stream and a pond. At the same time, the filter in the lower area has a capture basket and should be placed as far as possible from the source of water in the upper part.

Now it is time to connect the two filters with a PVC tube, but a flexible tube must be used to place it near the pond’s perimeter. To dig the area where he had to place it, you have to use a shovel or a pillory. PVC pipe is quite strong, so the trench does not necessarily have to be deep.

Then you have to help yourself with a shovel to give depth to the pond, and you can place the filter at the bottom of the pond and on top. Finally, fix the upper filter so that it always stays in place.

Midwest recommends building a natural-looking road on its perimeter with the excavated earth and some stones so that it remains stable and fixed.

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