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Global Research on Microwave Absorber Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth, Trends, Competitive Scenario and Forecasts 2021

Absorbers in microwave are materials that lessen the energy in an electromagnetic wave. Absorbers are used in an extensive range of applications to eradicate stray or unwanted radiation that could obstruct with a system’s operation. Absorbers can be used externally to decrease the reflection from or transmission to specific objects and can also be used internally to lessen oscillations caused by cavity resonance. They can also be used to recreate a free space environment by eliminating reflections in an anechoic chamber.

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The factors that propel the growth of the global Microwave Absorber Market research report includes rise in spending on defence systems. In addition, growth in the electronic segment and ever increasing demand for finished electronic goods will continue to boost the growth of the global Microwave Absorber market. On the other hand, there are also factors that hamper the growth of the market such as taxes imposed on raw materials and finished goods of microwave absorbents. In addition, unfavourable export & import policies can hinder the growth of the market. The global Microwave Absorber market research report is classified on the basis of forms, product type, applications and geography.

On the basis of forms, the global Microwave Absorber market research report is classified as insertion loss microwave absorbers, reflectivity microwave absorbers, magnetic microwave absorbers, dielectric microwave absorbers and moldable microwave absorbers. Insertion loss microwave absorbers aim to reduce the microwave signals during its journey from one point to another. Reflectivity microwave absorbers on the other hand simple reflect the microwave signals.

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Magnetic absorbers make use of a filler with ferromagnetic properties. This provides the absorber a high permeability and high magnetic loss. Advantages include the ability to greatly compress the wavelength owing to the high permeability aiding quarter wavelength resonant absorbers at a thickness that are a fraction of the free space wavelength. Moreover, magnetic absorbers are best for cavity resonance damping since the magnetic field is a maximum on the conductive surface where the absorber is placed.

Disadvantages of magnetic absorber include its weight and high cost. Magnetic absorbers come in numerous elastomer forms comprising silicone, urethane, nitrile and neoprene. The matrix material is usuallyselected for its physical properties. Magnetic absorbers are also available in a rigid epoxy form. These absorbers are easy to machine and are mostly used in load applications.

Dielectric absorbers have no magnetic properties. The loss mechanism is purely dielectric. The loss can rise from a range of sources within the dielectric. Dielectric absorbers are typically made in a low cost foam form but can also be used with elastomers. Advantages are low cost and weight. Disadvantages are higher conductivity preventing usage in contact with electronic equipment and their dearth of performance in most cavity resonance applications owing to their lack of magnetic absorption.

Both magnetic and dielectric absorbers are available in moldable forms. This could be a two-part liquid which cures at room or higher temperatures or could be in the form of injection moldable pellets. On the basis of applications, the global Microwave Absorber market research report is classified as military & defence, automation, electronics & telecommunications, chemicals, textiles and healthcare.

On the basis of geography, the global Microwave Absorber market research report is classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. In case of geographical region, North America is projected to account a major share of the global Microwave Absorber market research report due to its defence sector which is a major consumer.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific is expected to witness significant growth rates in the upcoming years owing to the electronic component manufacturing sector. Some of the key players that fuel the growth of the global Microwave Absorber market research report include Cuming Microwave Corporation, Laird, Western Rubber & Supply, Inc., ARC Technologies, DMAS, MAST Technologies, Murata, Parker Chomerics, COMTEST, and Kemtron.

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