Micro Grinder Poker School Making Winners at the Poker Table Out of Beginners

New online poker school MicroGrinder Poker School by leading poker coach & author Alton Hardin offering winning poker training at affordable rates for beginner and struggling poker players

Woodland, CA, 19th May 2016: Great news for poker beginners aspiring to make a living playing the game, new online poker school MicroGrinder Poker School has assured to offer winning poker training by leading poker coaches at highly affordable rates for beginning & struggling poker players. The school is open for players from anywhere in the world.

Micro Grinder Poker School is an endeavor by poker veteran Alton Hardin who is running the platform with another seasoned poker coach Paul Regan. The new school is an extension of Hardin’s dedicated micro stakes poker cash game study portal MicroGrinder.com that was launched in 2014 to help hone his and fellow micro stakes poker players’ skills. Soon, it developed into a community with dedicated Skype group, free of charge training material & micro stakes forum. For the last 2 years, Alton drastically enhanced his poker abilities that led him to develop training content for poker players at esteemed platforms such as YouTube and Udemy.com. He is also the author of Amazon’s #1 best-selling poker book Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem.

A passionate educator at heart, Alton was looking forward to impart his proven skills to fellow poker players so that they could also have a winning hand at the poker table and thus MicroGrinder Poker School was born.

“I am excited to announce the launch of MicroGrinder Poker School, a poker school aiming at helping beginning and struggling poker players become successful, winning poker players. When brainstorming my poker school, I noticed that most other poker training websites usually cater to more experienced poker players and there were not many training options for inexperienced players. My school was launched to fill this void in the market with the mission of offering affordable winning poker training to beginning and struggling players”, stated Mr. Hardin.

To date, Mr. Hardin has authored 3 poker books, developed 6 poker courses, written numerous articles on expert poker strategies as well as produced 85 free videos on YouTube on poker strategies.

“Furthermore, most other poker training sites are simply too expensive for the beginner players who are not willing to invest a lot of money into poker training. Thus, we have come up with extremely affordable courses that are just $3/hour with most of them priced within the $6 to $15 price range. We also offer several free poker courses too. We are here to teach you how to win at the poker tables & become long-term successful poker players within your budget.”

All course lectures are downloadable making it easy for students to catch up with the course lectures even when they are offline.  MicroGrinder Poker school also offers free strategy articles, training videos, a poker forum and highly affordable poker books. The enrollment is free and the school offers a 7-day, no questions asked refund policy if a student is not 100% satisfied with any course he or she has enrolled into.

“I took three of Alton’s poker courses while playing 5nl almost a year ago. Since then I have used the knowledge from these courses to get to 200nl. If you want to move up from the micro stakes this course is for you”, said a happy student of Alton’s Conquer Micro Stakes Poker course while another satisfied student remarked-

“I was already playing poker (offline) for many years. Although the course’s primary target audience is the online crowd most of the chapters apply to offline games just as good. The course really changed the way I think about poker and certainly also the way I play: less emotion more based on probability and basic math.”

To enroll into MicroGrinder Poker School, please visit http://pokerschool.microgrinder.com/.

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