Michelle Semexant Shares Her Story With Poetry In Fragments Of Her

Talented poet and author, Michelle Semexant, announce the release of “Fragments of Her,” a new poetry collection where she shares her inspirational story with the world

Fragments of Her is the latest work from passionate poet, Michelle Semexant, as she seeks to share her journey through life using poems, depicting her transition from childhood to adulthood. The book contains captivating stories, with the writer telling her rollercoaster life journey, with the goal of inspiring the readers and reminding them that life is not a bed of roses.

I want to share my story in a unique way. I wrote this book intentionally to be transparent. I wanted to let people know that life is not always perfect and put together, and to remind others they are not alone in the journey called life. Depression, sorrow, agony, joy, laugher, and peace are all part of human nature, and we have all experienced these emotions at one point or another. I have enjoyed writing since I was in middle school. I believe now is the right time to release my gift to the world instead of hoarding it to myself,” said Michelle Semexant.

Millions of people in different parts of the world go through challenges. While some are able to overcome such challenges, others are not particularly fortunate and become overwhelmed with obstacles. Over the years, several self-help guides and other similar resources have been developed to motivate people and help them reach their full potential. Unfortunately, many of such resources have abstract content and ultimately fail to deliver the desired results. However, Michelle Semexant of Dvine Creations is looking to change this narrative with the release of Fragments of Her.

The launch of the collection is particularly timely, with a survey conducted by NPR, over the last decade shows the number of adults reading poetry has doubled with sharp increases in readership among women, minorities, and adults with some college education.

Fragments of Her will be officially launched on the 1st of October, 2021 and will be available on Amazon, allowing as many people as possible to learn from the touching story of Michelle Semexant in honor of Emotional Wellness month, focusing on the impact of poetry on women’s wellness and National Hispanic Heritage month for English and Spanish audiences.

The author chronicles her story, personifying the experience. The book is bilingual, available in English and Spanish to touch more lives worldwide.

The poetry collection also includes footnotes for the readers to understand the inspiration behind each piece and help them connect with the person behind the words they are reading. Fragments Of Her illustrates the challenges faced by an inspiring young woman in a way that every reader can easily relate to.

For more information about Fragments of Her and to get a piece of the amazing read, visit Facebook.

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