Michelle Johal Criminal Defence Lawyer Now Accepts Legal Aid

Brampton criminal defence lawyer, Michelle Johal accepts legal aid certificates for those accused of criminal offences and serious family legal offences.

Brampton, ON – Practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law, with a focus on drug offences, drinking and driving offences, youth court cases, theft and fraud, and domestic assault offences, Michelle Johal offers the option to pay for legal representation using legal aid certificates.

Legal aid is a special program offered for people accused and charged with criminal offences the ability to seek their own criminal defence lawyer in Ontario. The program covers the costs of retaining their own lawyer once they have applied and been determined to qualify for assistance.

Upon approval, the person is issued a certificate that serves as a voucher. This voucher guarantees the criminal defence lawyer will be paid on your behalf in return for providing legal representation in your criminal law matter.

Those approved for legal aid are free to choose their own criminal defence lawyer, like Michelle Johal, as long as the lawyer accepts legal aid certificates. It is important to keep in mind not everyone qualifies for legal aid assistance.

In addition, the program is normally for more serious criminal offences where imprisonment, if convicted and found guilty, is a probable or in cases regarding serious family matters, like domestic assault offences. Furthermore, legal aid certificates provide representation for a specific number of hours.

In cases where the lawyer charges a “block fee” or “flat fee,” like Michelle Johal, which is a fixed fee that covers all aspects of legal representation including all court appearances, meetings, pre-trial hearings, actual trial, and so on, the legal aid certificate normally covers the “block fee” rate.

Michelle Johal works with each of her clients to determine if they may qualify for legal aid and lends assistance in referring clients to the appropriate Legal Aid Office, where they can apply for payment assistance. In cases where clients do not qualify for legal aid, Michelle Johal is understanding and open to discussing other payment options for her legal representation.

For additional information about Michelle Johal and sound legal advice or assistance in applying for legal aid, please feel free to visit her official website at www.michellejohal.ca or contact the law office by calling 416-824-3584 to schedule a free case evaluation and consultation appointment.

About Michelle Johal Criminal Defence Lawyer

Michelle Johal obtained her law degree from the Law School at Queen’s University at Kingston. After graduation, she was an associate criminal defence lawyer for several years at the boutique criminal law firm near the Scarborough courthouse prior to establishing her own law firm. Today, she continues to provide exceptional legal representation for clients charged with criminal offences in Brampton and throughout the GTA, with a proven record of successful results. 

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