Michael Ellis Strikes Again With “Thunder The Wonder Horse”

Literature from the past has shown instances of exceptional human-equine friendships that are almost supernatural. For various reasons, horses have long since become a part of our civilizations. Horses can be employed as both working and competition animals in equestrian sports. It is said that they are a man’s best buddies.

The improvement of the development and maintenance of a robust and healthy relationship between people and horses is essential to that contact. People instinctively respect horses because they can relate to them. Horses have a family structure comparable to humans, are capable of expressing their emotions and showing empathy, may suffer stress and develop a sense of trust, thrive in open spaces, require social connections for good health, and learn by doing.

Horses have always been Michael Ellis’s, great love. He covers everything from horses as a species to their quirks and personalities in his second book, Thunder The Wonder Horse. We get to read a lot about why horses love their owners so much and what makes them such good companions, which will enhance your idea that your horse is your closest friend.

Michael Ellis, a US Marine, has always been passionate about horses. He served in Vietnam between 1966 and 1967. His parents bought the family’s first horse while they were away. She had a filly by the name of Missy. In 1968, this was the author’s first horse.

Years later, after relocating to the South with his wife, he decided to pick up riding again. Stormy was the name of the first horse they bought. She later gave birth to a foal named Spirit. Spirit and Stormy are both unique.

After learning so much about horses and being a trained horse farrier, he thought of writing his book to tell people about his horse and teach readers more about caring for horses. After the success of his first book, A Horse Named Spirit, his second book, Thunder the Wonder Horse is out and a perfect addition to the first one. The newest bestseller in the Spirit Horse Books is a pleasure for all equine enthusiasts.


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