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Mica is a group of natural minerals. Silver mica capacitors are the ones that use mica as the dielectric. There are two types of mica capacitors; viz clamped mica capacitors and silver mica capacitors. Clamped mica capacitors are obsolete due to their inferior characteristics. Silver mica capacitors are made by sandwiching mica sheets covered with metal on both the sides.

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Mica capacitors are typically used when the design calls for stable, dependable capacitors of moderately small values. They are low-loss capacitors, which allow them to be used at elevated frequencies, and their worth does not change much over time. Mica minerals are very stable electrically, chemically, and mechanically. Because of its exact crystalline structure binding, it has a typical layered structure. This makes it possible to manufacture thin sheets in the order of 0.025-0.125 mm.

The Global mica capacitors are having characteristics as Precision and Tolerance.The smallest amount tolerance for silver mica capacitor values can be as low as ±1. This is much better than virtually all the other types of capacitors. Mica capacitors are very stable and precise. Their capacitance minimally changes over the period of time. This is due to the fact that there are no air gaps in the design that could change over time. Also, the assembly is secluded from moisture and other effects by an epoxy resin. This means that outside effects such as air humidity does not affect mica capacitors. Not only is their capacitance stable over the period of time, it is also stable over a wide temperature, voltage, and frequency range. The average temperature co-efficient is around 50 ppm/°C.

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Global Mica Capacitors Market is segmented By Applications into Decoupling and ripple filters for general electronic devices, Resonance circuits, Time constant circuits, Coupling circuits, High-power, high-current RF broadcast transmitters, Defense electronics, Power conversion circuits for low-capacitance snubber applications, Cable TV amplifiers, Radio/TV transmitters, and High-voltage inverter circuits. Global Mica Capacitors Market is segmented by types into rated voltage, tolerance, lead spacing, packaging type and capacitance. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.

The most common values for capacitance are 22 pF, 47 pF, 100 pF and 470 pF. We also carry mica capacitors with capacitance up to 10000 pF. The rated voltage can be between 50 V and 1 kV, with the most common capacitors having a rated voltage of 500 V. Global Mica Capacitors Market is segmented, by Geographical Region into North America, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The Key Players include YAGEO, TDK, AVX, VISHAY, KEMET, WALSIN, ROHM, PANASONIC, AT Ceramics, EPCOS, Radial, OKAYA, RUBYCON, WIMA, CDE, Europtronic, DAIN, HJC, TENEA, Sunlord, FENGHUA ADVANCED, EYANG, MURATA, JYH, and Faratronic.

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