MGTOW meets Godly Masculinity at The Alive Christians Website

MGTOW meets Godly Masculinity at The Alive Christians Website is helping men to fully realize their potential and walk in their God-given destinies. Every man has a purpose. Every man has his destiny. And if a man does not know his purpose, he can’t fulfill his destiny.

The issue that the founder, Apostle Quinson Thomas, believes that we’re facing is actually a masculinity crisis where men don’t know what it means to be men. “They don’t understand their purpose. And as a result, we have men who are moving in many places quickly, but not getting to their destination. And this should not be.”

MGTOW and other male-driven movements like it are not the true answer because they seek to do something naturally that can only be done spiritually, according to the founder.

He goes into a bit of this on his website Not only should men know how to go about getting to their destiny, they must know how to influence society for the better. And this is where the founder Apostle Quinson Thomas believes that godly masculinity comes in.

Whether the man is an athlete, poet, or musician, each man has his purpose. And it is this purpose that the founder seeks to help men fulfill. To this end, he has created an online portal that focuses on godly masculinity. And, of course, if you talk about godly masculinity, you also have to branch out and talk about godly femininity. These areas are important to the fabric of our society.

The founder says, “If you want to fix society, and make it better, you must fix the relationship between men and women.” is a website that helps believers fulfill their God-given destinies with all the resources and support that they need to do so. The site features prophetic words, articles on bible verses and more.

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