MGC Enterprise: The One-Stop-Shop for top of the Line Ladies Makeup Products

The MGC Enterprise has transformed its brand into a one-stop-shop not just for makeup collections but, a wide range of products for fashion-conscious ladies

What started as a simple makeup brand selling shades of lipsticks, MGC Enterprise has grown into a hub for skincare, accessories, 18+ products, and a community. Founded in December 2019 by Mikey Madison, the MGC Enterprise recently announced the introduction of adult products to their e-commerce store as the brand continues to grow rapidly.

Mikey Madison became popular from his appearance on MTV’s catfish and he has since turned the famous line “You’re covered in Cheeto dust” into merchandise for his brand, MGC Enterprise. When MGC started in 2019, Mikey used it to sell lipsticks and makeup items but now the brand has become a hub for 18+ accessories, adult novelties, and lingerie.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Mikey’s new website, went viral on TikTok reaching over one million views in days after one rather risky video was shared countless times (@thecleverchest). This led Mikey to merge the new website with the existing site. Now, customers can purchase the MGC makeup collection and other 18+ products on the new site.

Speaking about how the MGC brand has evolved, Mikey had this to say, “MGC will always stand by the tagline ‘Show the Inner You’ because the goal is to inspire everyone to be themselves, no matter how they express it.” He added that “I started this as just a few lipstick shades, and now it’s so much more, thanks to everyone who continues to support MGC!”

Interestingly, the MGC Enterprise is not just about selling adult products for women in the United States. It incorporates a community and a support system for people who need some encouragement being themselves and expressing who they are.

Aside from his new website, The Clever Chest, and his MGC brand, Mikey has been working on a daily blog called Rockstar Lifestyle Entertainment, where he holds a “Hot pic of the day” program every single day at 9:00 am. With the Rockstar daily blog, fans get to discover more “exposing” Mikey Madison content, as well as underwear reviews and unboxing.

No doubt, Mikey Madison is setting himself as a pacesetter in the adult product market in the United States and the results are gratifying. He still has collections in his original Merch on Facebook and Instagram and on the website, Get access to a large collection of makeup, lingerie, adult novelties, and 18+ products by visiting The Clever Chest website today or follow the brand on TikTok @thecleverchest.

About Mikey Madison

Mikey Madison (a.k.a Mikey ‘Glam’) is known for his appearance on MTV’s catfish. He has always been mistaken online for problematic YouTuber, Jeffree Stars. Despite the videos Mikey has put out debunking the assertion, he still receives thousands of comments on TikTok and Instagram.

Through his brands, the MGC Enterprise and The Clever Chest, Mikey continues to provide top-rated makeup kits, accessories, adult novelties, lingerie, and 18+ products for women in the United States. Shop on The Clever Chest today for the best adult products, log on to

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