MetaFeat introduces The Genesis Collection, a groundbreaking series of NFTs scheduled to debut on OpenSea on October 3rd, 2023

In a stunning revelation, MetaFeat announces the imminent launch of its much-anticipated NFT series, The Genesis Collection. The global audience can mark their calendars for this Tuesday, October 3rd, at 16:00 UTC, as the collection will be available for public sale on the OpenSea marketplace. has combined ancient narratives from the Book of Genesis seamlessly with modern AI technology, generating unique digital artwork that is poised to be a groundbreaking endeavor in NFT trends. 

Leading digital art platform MetaFeat has announced its newest venture – The Genesis Collection. Set apart from numerous NFT offerings in the market, The Genesis Collection is not just another fleeting trend in the NFT realm. It is led by renowned web developer and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Ahmad Haji, who aims to shape future trends in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) domain. 

In response to the evolving trends of NFT, this innovative brand has pioneered a unique method focused on story-telling. This approach successfully combines artificial intelligence capabilities with intriguing tales. Projects like The Genesis Collection demonstrate the vision of MetaFeat to merge traditional knowledge with contemporary technology. These are always grounded in real-world, tangible effects. 

The collection is divided into two separate sections: the Standard Class and the Signature Class. In unison, these consist of 1,533 unique ERC721-type NFTs. 

Ahmad Haji explains, “This collection is intended to share universally inspiring stories, not to promote any particular religion.”

With The Genesis Collection and similar projects, MetaFeat is trying to explore a fascinating fusion of traditional storytelling and contemporary technology, and is opening up to international audiences, inviting them to experience this distinct blend of aesthetics and benevolence.

Ranked among the most anticipated new NFT projects, the series is planned to arrive on OpenSea in the forthcoming weeks. Enthusiastic collectors are advised to keep an eye out on OpenSea, as the series will premiere in a couple of weeks. 

NFT investors and art enthusiasts who wish to get a thorough understanding of The Genesis Collection, its charitable initiatives, and the company’s larger vision, can find a comprehensive whitepaper on MetaFeat’s formal website. 

With the growing interest in the metaverse and forthcoming NFT projects, MetaFeat makes use of platforms like to provide brands with a distinctive space in this digital domain. It integrates philanthropy into the core of its business model. It is something new for people who are looking for a change from Foundering for Charities. As the adoption of NFTs gains traction in mainstream culture, the potential for non-profit organizations to harness this trend for fundraising becomes increasingly evident. has harnessed this potential to design a groundbreaking initiative that blends creativity with compassion. The company commits to allocating a substantial percentage of its NFT sales – 10% from the Standard Class and 30% from the Signature Class – to support three prominent children’s charities: Compassion International, Children International, and Save the Children. In an era where the meta-verse offers endless opportunities for creators and brands to engage with their audiences, emerges as a trailblazer by facilitating a unique bridge between virtual innovation and humanitarian causes.

By partnering with renowned children’s charities, the platform ensures that its technological advancements lead to meaningful change in the lives of those in need.

About is a pioneering platform in the metaverse that fosters innovative connections between creators, brands, and their audiences. Ahmad Haji founded the platform and has overseen its impressive progression from a start-up in web development to a formidable player in the NFT industry by 2019.

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