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“Mesowatch is committed to providing you with trusted legal assistance on mesothelioma and lung cancer and other types of lung cancer. You can count on Mesowatch to help you protect your rights and get the legal assistance you deserve.”
Mesowatch works to make certain Pennsylvania oil refinery workers recently diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer receive the fastest possible case setup. It is the goal of these skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorneys to evaluate your work history and determine every bit of asbestos exposure in the workplace which could have instigated your diagnosis. We work persistently to ensure the best possible quality of life and treatment even after mesothelioma or lung cancer has set in.

We recommend every oil refinery worker contact the Mesowatch Free Legal Help Line at 800-956-9876 to take a moment for a free case evaluation and gain the immediate support of one of our experienced attorneys for the benefit of your case.

You have the option to start and resolve your case with speed and efficiency, given the skill and experience of Mesowatch mesothelioma attorneys. The skill and knowledge with which these attorneys work will help to determine all potentially liable parties and trust funds as well as any and all asbestos exposure experienced daily in the workplace. ( )

The following tips are recommended by the Mesowatch experienced mesothelioma attorneys to help bring your trial to resolution as quickly as possible after your diagnosis of mesothelioma or lung cancer:

• Workers in the oil industry diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer have the right to the fastest claim results with experienced mesothelioma attorneys working on your behalf. We offer immediate, free case evaluations from our experienced mesothelioma attorneys with a call to 800-956-9876.

• It is best to start an asbestos compensation claim immediately after diagnosis, and we work to bring your case to trial quickly with your diagnosis and work history in hand. With experienced and detailed information, we are here to determine the when, where and how of your asbestos exposure in the workplace, to help set up your case quickly.

• The Mesowatch incredibly skilled and experienced mesothelioma and lung cancer attorneys collect all of your first hand information of asbestos exposures, connecting you with national leading asbestos exposure litigation for the fastest settlement possible.

Because of the large number of refinery employees throughout history in all of Pennsylvania, this industry provides a high risk of asbestos exposure. Oil refinery workers face high likelihood of developing mesothelioma or lung cancer due to their extent of asbestos exposure on a daily basis in the workplace.

Asbestos was used largely across the oil industry because it is heat-resistant, flame-retardant and prevents chemical corrosion. Being soft and pliable, asbestos can be used across numerous applications that usually require some type of soft, flexible fabric.

There are the protective clothes worn by workers daily to protect from flame and chemical burns, as well as fire prevention in the equipment used to produce and process the oil.

With workers touching this hazardous material every day, and with regular compression upon the equipment and other building materials the asbestos microfibers were released into the air of the workplace on a regular basis.

Although asbestos is very useful in preventing death or injury from flame, as well as property damage, there is basically more asbestos exposure here than in any other industry. Asbestos insulation shielded every piece of machinery throughout the facility, spreading its microfibers throughout every inch of the air which the workers breathed in. As asbestos insulation ages it becomes “friable”, brittle and crumbles easily, releasing microfibers into the air and causing health dangers to those who breath it in. ( )

Oil workers were exposed to high levels of asbestos on a daily basis in the numerous refineries throughout Pennsylvania. Oil refinery workers are not only at a high risk for the development of mesothelioma and lung cancer due to asbestos exposure, but they would have brought the fibers home after work.

Through secondary exposure these family members at home could also develop the diseases from asbestos exposure, and they are also advised to contact us for case evaluation. Everyone in the area of these refineries faces the potential of having used to asbestos-containing products while many of those products that were input to the refineries still remain in use:

• Bradford Refinery (American Refining Group)

• Marcus Hook Refinery (Sunoco)

• Philadelphia Refinery (Philadelphia Energy Solutions by Carlyle Group)

• Trainer Refinery (Monroe Energy by Delta Air Lines)

• Warren Refinery, (United Refining Company)

There are a number of oil refineries now listed as a “Superfund” toxic site by the US EPA. Superfund sites remain highly polluted with asbestos and require a lengthy cleanup to remove asbestos completely from the location.

Now, since asbestos was banned over 30 years ago for its recognition as a hazardous contaminant, it remains unfortunate that the removal of asbestos from these locations is still not complete.

With the amount of asbestos that remains in many oil refineries there remains a great deal of regular daily asbestos exposure in the workplace experienced by oil refinery workers throughout their careers.

Luckily, with your complete work history the experienced Mesowatch mesothelioma and lung cancer attorneys are able to evaluate your case in detail, with the ability to determine every bit of your workplace asbestos exposure. The EPA website also presents a list of national priority sites determined to be “Superfund” sites because of their toxicity, of which there are 95 total sites listed in Pennsylvania, including several oil refineries.

About 3,000 US citizens are diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer each year due to past asbestos exposure. According to the CDC the mesothelioma or lung cancer victim is an average age of 72 and initially misdiagnosed due to pneumonia symptoms like serious cough, chest pain, and trouble breathing. With the initial delayed symptoms not appearing until up to 40 years after asbestos exposure the delay causes these aggressive cancers to take a toll very quickly. 

According to Mesowatch, “Our approach is simple yet strong: asbestos victims and their families have every right to the support of experienced mesothelioma and lung cancer lawyers prepared to work persistently for your benefit. By calling the Mesowatch Asbestos Law Center at 800-956-9876 you will be able to speak immediately with an experienced attorney who understands the need to process your case in a timely manner, working with all available resources to help you efficiently through this difficult time.”

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