Mentor to One of The Most Powerful Women in The World Launches Gender Equality Tool

Anyone Can No Unlock Their Own Untapped Potential With This Remarkable & Life-Changing Tool

Boulder, CO, USA – January 8, 2018 – Award-winning entrepreneur, United Nations Mentor, and the Founder of 10TRAITS Leadership, Alexia Parks has invented a 1-page solution to the world’s biggest problem. The “Gender Equality Tool” (GET) unlocks the untapped potential that has been suppressed and polarized in both men and women, she says. “If the goal of a corporation is 50/50 by 2020, this is the tool to use.”

Tested and proven successful, “it shows that we get smarter together,” says Alexia. It lets you rate your traits and then places them within a structured framework to achieve what she calls “trait-balancing.” It is this balance of natural traits, she believes, that will improve innovation, productivity and decision-making in tomorrow’s workplace.  

When used as an employee retention tool, or “happiness” index for productivity, she says it taps into an estimated $12 Trillion worth of untapped human potential.

Alexia designed the GET as a rapid learning tool. It creates a dynamic synergy between 10 powerful masculine traits and 10 powerful feminine traits to engage the whole brain. Currently a handheld high-tech tool, it will be available for download to a mobile phone this February.

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Gender Equality Tool is based on 40 years of research across a dozen fields of science. It leverages the synergy of natural gender trait differences between men and women to accelerate innovation and improve decision-making. It’s a game changer. It changes the game so everyone wins, she says.

Besides being a “seniorpreneur” and running a successful campaign on Kickstarter, Alexia was also the UN Mentor to the Goldman Sachs/Fortune #1 Award Winner at their “Most Powerful Women in the World” Summit (2014).

A recognized expert on gender issues and leadership, Alexia Parks has appeared on national and international TV shows, been quoted in TIME magazine, and has written numerous articles over 30-years for magazines and newspapers including The Washington Post.

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