Melasma Sufferers in Canada Can Now Access Treatment and Know How Much It Will Cost

Melasma affects scores of Canadians and others worldwide, as it’s one of the most common types of skin conditions. It affects women mostly, although males can be sufferers too and it can appear during or after pregnancy, with hormonal changes later in life, or simply with aging. It’s just a discoloration of skin that can present itself anywhere, but usually on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is affected by sun exposure and can disappear and then reappear throughout an individual’s life and does occur in certain ethnicities more than in others. There is also a genetic predisposition in some individuals also. It is considered a chronic disorder and although treatment is not painful, it is difficult to treat because of its chronic nature. 

The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance keeps statistics on the occurrences of Melasma in Canada.

According to the CSPA (Canadian Skin Patient Alliance), there are many treatment options and preventive measures although no permanent cure. According to this Alliance, Melasma can many times just disappear on its own. The Alliance does recommend a clinical evaluation by a qualified doctor of dermatology or other practitioner with steps and procedures that should be followed during diagnoses and treatment. Lab work is usually recommended by the Alliance as although many cases are not harmful, a handful can signal a deeper physical issue that is yet undiagnosed. The condition for the most part, however, can be mostly psychologically damaging, as it does appear most frequently on the face, and can be quite extensive in some cases, leading individuals to become self-conscious about their looks. Places like Canada MedLaser, with their experienced professionals should be consulted before attempting to treat this affliction.

Treatment of Melasma can be done via laser but other treatments are now coming into play.

The Government of Canada monitors and oversees all types of laser procedures to ensure safety and effectiveness. While laser treatment of this skin condition was the norm previously there could be serious side effects. Newer procedures such as dermabrasion and microdermabrasion and other methods to eliminate and prevent reoccurrence of Melasma are now being used. A chemical peel is now showing promise and an even better topical mask, called Derm-eclat is being used by many cosmetic surgeons throughout Canada, including Canada MedLaser. There are no side effects, and the initial mask is applied by a qualified aesthetician and then followed up by a regimen of routine skin care products. This might very well prevent future occurrences or at least reduce the number of reoccurrences.

How much Melasama treatment costs vary according to type of procedure and size of treatment area.

With the newest cosmetic techniques now available treatments costs of Melasma might very well be under control finally. Consumers still should do research and seek a free consultation with a qualified professional before undertaking any type of cosmetic procedure even if it is a minor one. Treatment costs of Melasma can vary from $100 CAD to up to $5000 CAD depending upon area and procedure. Only a consultation can determine how much a melasma treatment will cost. 

About Canada MedLaser

Canada MedLaser has many locations throughout the Ontario region and a team of specialists that are skilled in all types of dermatological and cosmetic procedures. The newest techniques are employed whenever possible and hours are rather extensive, for ease of appointments. There is an online form for enquiries, a phone number for each location, and an email listed on the Website. They offer free consultations to anyone that requests one and there is no pressure on patients. It’s a family-style atmosphere and specials are run to assist with discussion of how much treatment of Melasma will cost.

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