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Profit is simply defined as “a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something”. To increase profits can either (or at the same time) increase revenue and/or reduce the cost of running a business. Increasing sales while using cheaper raw materials increases profit margins.

Some expenditures are absolutely necessary, like the ones needed for directly creating the goods or services sold. You can’t bake bread without flour, eggs, and milk. The worth of other costs has to be weighed in terms of the gains they generate or secure. If these costs are not offset by their resulting gains, they only contribute to inefficiency. These kinds of costs are best removed from the equation if profits are to be raised.

Some costs don’t contribute directly to revenue generation but are important because they ensure the continuation of it. Quality control is one. Without quality control, product and service patronage will dwindle. Nobody will buy a badly made product and nobody will do business with a company that offers shoddy goods and services.

Another necessary cost that doesn’t contribute to revenue generation is premise security. Security guards ensure the safety of workers, prevent costly damages to company property, and ensure the continuous operation of the business, making it free from disruption and outside disturbances.

Are online services that monitor the availability and normal function of a company’s website, more commonly known as uptime monitoring, necessary? Even if a company has its business structured around its website, most, if not all, web hosts nowadays offer service reliability of at least 99.95%. If so, are uptime monitoring services still worth it or do they just add to operational costs that take from profits?

The short answer is yes, uptime monitoring is well worth the cost. To fully appreciate why, the potential cost of website downtime has to be known as well as the reasons that cause them.

The cost of website downtime to a company varies and it depends on two factors: how much business does a company derive from its website and how much sales does it get from its website per unit time. A brick-and-mortar store that uses its website for marketing purposes only will be affected less by downtime.

Ecommerce businesses and those that rely heavily on data transactions will suffer the most during website outages. In addition, losses will be significantly more if downtimes happen during peak hours. Large enterprises like banking and financial institutions can lose millions of dollars per minute of downtime.

So the value of uptime monitoring is its preventive quality. It’s a way for companies to locate a flame and snuff it out before it turns into a wildfire of lost business opportunity. When it comes to choosing an uptime monitoring service, there’s one provider that’s often recommended by small business owners and entrepreneurs: MegaUptime.

MegaUptime uses a barrage of tests to do its uptime monitoring. It tests service availability with specialized ping tests and line tests. It performs network tests from several server locations around the world. It can also test specific web page protocols.

MegaUptime provides critical information about any underlying web hosting service issue. It provides information about traffic demand. Identifying spikes in server requests is important information for web hosting service administrators. Admins can also do server resource re-allocation to meet specific demands. MegaUptime can help minimize the impact of system maintenance, provide early detection of hacker attacks, or even test for coding issues.

Depending on the chosen uptime monitoring service package, MegaUptime can provide single-site multi-test per-hour monitoring under premium uptime monitoring services, which includes monitoring dozens of websites and testing for uptime every couple of minutes.

MegaUptime understands its role in downtime detection and prevention among small businesses and start-ups. MegaUptime understands that smaller businesses operate with lower profit margins to remain competitive. And just like a security guard on a 24/7 watch, MegaUptime ensures the continuous operations of a website by spotting technical issues early on and provides reliable monitoring updates to clients.

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