Megan Zucaro takes over the ownership of Detox Center – “Journies”

Award-winning luxury real estate investment and finance expert, Megan Zucaro, becomes the new owner of “Journies,” a Detox Center in Hutnington Beach, California

Megan Zucaro has made a name for herself as a successful investor, growing to become one of the most sought-after real estate investment and finance experts in the world. Megan Zucaro has a diverse experience and recently took up the ownership of Detox Center in Hutnington Beach California. The ownership became effective April 22nd, 2019, as she aims to use her years of experience in the business world to build the home and make it the choice destination for people looking to detox in and around California.

Megan Zucaro is one of the very few individuals that have tried their hands on different projects across different fields. Megan has also been able to carve a niche for herself in practically all the industries she has touched, becoming a success and rising to the top of the hierarchy. Growing up as a kid, Megan enjoyed bailing hail and delivering baby lambs on a hobby farm in Minnesota. A lot has happened since then, becoming a successful model, news anchor, and entrepreneur, financial planner, author of 3 books. She has also made her mark as a professional speaker for 5 years, as well as being crowned Mrs. Texas and working as a television host.

Thanks to her sheer determination and vision, Megan has carved out a piece of the American Dream. She has demonstrated the fact that anyone can change their stars and reach their full potential by putting their heart to it and believe. Her recent acquisition of a Detox Center in Hutnington Beach California is a further reiteration of her success-oriented mindset.

Journies is a beautiful home with ocean view, built to help people detox from all different types of addictions. Journies aims to save the lives of people, help them to overcome obstacles they might have in their life and ultimately make the world a better place.

“I have a passion for helping people and I love every one of these clients we help they are an extension of the family and I want them to go out into life and accomplish everything they desire.  God has a way of having giving you a beautiful journey to help other people later on,” says Megan Zucaro.

The well-equipped detox comes with several features including a personal chef, personalized menus very an intimate environment accommodating only 6 people in the luxurious home. The detox center accepts all types of insurance as well as cash and sponsorships to help people after an application process.

More information about Journies can be found on their website.

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