Megan Lucker Releases New Children’s Modern Fantasy Adventure – The Parakeet Prankster

Megan Lucker Releases New Children’s Modern Fantasy Adventure - The Parakeet Prankster
The Parakeet Prankster by Megan Lucker
Megan Lucker is pleased to announce the release of her new children’s book, The Parakeet Prankster. This is the second book in her The Chronicles of the Cove series.

The Chronicles of the Cove are inspired by Megan’s childhood adventures. While the real island may have no vampires, were-bears, or other monsters (that we know of); it remains just as magical as Megan remembers it.

The Parakeet Prankster

Forks in your lawn? Ding-dong-ditchers? Stink bombs? Too much glitter? They all lead to one thing: a PRANKING WAR! Introducing the magical adventures of Jessie, Josie, and Jack as they explore their new island home… and catch the parakeet prankster!

Welcome to Book 2 of the Chronicles of the Cove!

You can follow Megan: @CoveChronicles on Twitter and @ChroniclesoftheCove on Instagram.

Book Information:

The Parakeet Prankster

By Megan Lucker

Release Date: December 25, 2022

ISBN: 9798985018721

Genre: Children’s modern fantasy adventure

About the Author:

Megan Lucker hails from Sanibel Island, Florida. A freelance author, editor, ESL tutor, and utter rapscallion; Megan has over a decade of experience in children’s education.

She paddled to the mainland to earn her degree from FGCU. Now, she spends her days fist-fighting alligators, teaching her dog to skateboard, and sword fighting in the garden. Oh, and of course, writing.


The Parakeet Prankster is available for purchase on Amazon at

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