Mega Uptime Review: Business Owners Value Mega Uptime’s Performance in Maintaining and Enhancing Secured Business Websites

Business owners are looking for all sorts of ways to make their websites work better. From enhancing their websites with search engine optimization to improve their search results ranking to tying their website to a social media campaign as part of a greater sales funnel design, the options of enhancing business on the web are endless.

However, with all the incremental changes done with the site’s programming as well as all the cross-platform works, there is an ever-increasing chance of the website malfunctioning. It’s just the truth with machines and programs: as they get increasingly complex, the chances of failure increase too.

There are many sub-systems and routines in place to ensure an online business runs smoothly. However, there’s nothing more crucial than having a web administrator who looks over all the governing functions of a website service. But, as it is with any computer system, website functions are deeply layered, lightning-fast, and in constant operation – far too much for any human to oversee moment by moment. As such, separate systems for upkeep and maintenance are invaluable tools for an administrator to make his job possible.

One of the most important tools for website maintenance is uptime monitoring. Uptime is a service measure. It is defined as the availability of a website on the internet. Running a website’s program and making it available on the internet are the primary functions of a web host. Clients look for web hosting services that offer the highest uptime reliability.

Most web hosting services offer very high uptime performance measures. The industry average is 99.95%. When calculated over a year, this percentage allows for only 260 minutes of possible downtime. When they happen, downtimes are not randomly spread out into insignificant isolated blips. More likely, the downtime minutes will be aggregates of a singular outage event that could last for as long as four-and-a-half hours.

There are many reasons why outages occur. It could be software in nature – an important file in the website’s programming accidentally being deleted or a programming code getting corrupted. Collective downtimes could be caused by the inadequacy of resources, like when there’s a sudden spike in the number of visitors that’s beyond what the web hosting server can handle.

Service issues could be hardware in nature, as physical server parts can fail with age. It could also be a network issue like a fault in the domain name translations. Outages can be a result of malicious attacks and hacking.

Outages cost companies a great deal of money, a lot more than the price of the web hosting service. The cost depends on how much of a company’s business is dependent on the services of its website. Most experts estimate it at $5,000-$6,000 per minute or $300,000 per hour. Larger enterprises that utilize their websites for large data transactions stand to lose millions in unrealized revenue. This is not including the potential damages to the business credibility and brand.

With so much at stake, it’s easy to see how online business owners depend on uptime monitoring. Uptime monitoring allows online business owners and web administrators to instantly know if there are issues with the web service. There are even instances when lengthy outages have been averted because of uptime monitoring. One uptime monitoring service provider that is steadily building a reputation in maintaining and enhancing secure business website – is Mega Uptime.

Mega Uptime offers complete uptime monitoring services. This means it utilizes several tests to determine if accessibility to a monitored website is well. It does packet tests on both secured and unsecured hypertext transfer protocols (or “HTTP”) used by all websites. It measures response times of the monitored web hosting server and it also performs many other network connectivity tests. Mega Uptime does these tests from five servers located in key places around the globe. This arrangement allows Mega Uptime to provide information on the locality of the outage. 

Mega Uptime also provides a variety of other web performance monitoring services. It can monitor important website performance metrics like load times and other measurements for application programming interfaces (API). Additionally, Mega Uptime can continually measure website speed as well as monitor real-time transactions for troubleshooting and business improvement purposes.

Finally, Mega Uptime can perform all its tests multiple times in an hour, in all the hours of the day, on all days of the week. Mega Uptime’s reporting services can be automated, and it can send the reports and data via SMS and email. This is perhaps what gives business owners a sense of confidence and security the most – that they can rely on Mega Uptime to watch over their business all the time.

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