Mega Uptime Provides Industry-Leading Website Performance Monitoring Services

More and more businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on their online operations. Some businesses rely on the internet for their internal communications and data-handling.

Other businesses run their marketing operations entirely online. Still, others conduct their entire business operations on the internet without even having any real-world company assets. As such, businesses need their “virtual” assets completely reliable and this is not any truer than the performance of their websites.

For many online businesses, a website stands for many things. A website is the center of their internet presence. It’s the facade that takes the place of a brick-and-mortar store. It is a “space” to present products and services, attract customers, engage in transactions, drive sales and generate revenue.  It’s the place of business on the internet.

But unlike the physical bricks that will not disappear into thin air, websites are just fancy disembodied programs that only exist because underlying complex computer systems are running them. It is very much possible that a website can disappear.

Of course, present-day web hosting services (the aforementioned computer system or, more accurately, server systems) provide an average of 99.95% service reliability in their function of running and making websites available on the internet. But should businesses be content with this rating? What does a 99.95% reliability mean?

When web hosts advertise a 99.95% reliability, they mean uptime reliability or the average time they can keep a website up, perfectly functional, and accessible to the internet, and that figure is within a defined service period which is usually a year. A 0.05% chance of downtime doesn’t look much until you do the numbers: that’s 262 minutes a year or the possibility of a website outage that’s at least four-and-a-half hours long.

How bad is a four-and-a-half-hour outage? Most experts estimate that an average website can lose $100,000 to $300,000 with every hour of outage. Larger enterprises that do large amounts of data transactions through their websites like those involved in sales, distribution, logistics, and finances, stand to lose money in the millions. It’s important to note that though larger companies will be able to get past their losses from outages, smaller businesses don’t have the financial cushion to absorb the blow. Outages do pose a real danger of putting a small company out of business.

What is there for smaller internet players to do to avoid a crippling downtime? Of course, companies can choose web hosting providers that offer higher uptime reliability. But no provider will offer 100% uptime reliability as some downtime factors are just beyond their control or foresight. As reliable as a web host can be, businesses still need to get third-party uptime monitoring services. As the name suggests, uptime monitoring services monitor website and web hosting performance and send alerts and warnings to business owners should downtimes happen. Among uptime monitoring services, one is proving itself as an industry leader: Mega Uptime.

Mega Uptime provides a comprehensive uptime monitoring system, more tests than most other service providers. Tests include uptime check tests that measure website response time through several packet requests; ping tests that measure server connectivity; and transmission protocol tests for both secured and unsecured websites. It does all these tests from 5 server locations scattered around the world to cover a majority of the internet’s global network.

Aside from uptime monitoring, Mega Uptime also offers other types of website tests. It offers Page Speed monitoring tests that measure the load times of a website. Load time is critical in sales conversion because users only engage with fast-loading sites. Measuring load time is also useful for website analysis and troubleshooting.

Mega Uptime offers real-time user monitoring, which follows the interactions and behaviors of the monitored website’s visitors. Measurements include transaction paths and other key interfaces. This type of monitoring is extremely useful for troubleshooting issues or doing web design audits.

Mega Uptime also offers server health monitoring. The web hosting service can only be as good as the condition of the machine supporting it. Server health monitoring allows owners to assess their web host server’s system resources like CPU usage and memory consumption.

Mega Uptime can conduct all of these monitoring services at regular intervals within every hour. The monitoring operates continuously, 24/7, and most importantly, it will give a system of alerts to business owners and clients (via email or SMS) at the first sign of downtime. This will provide an invaluable opportunity for business owners and their web administrator to address their web hosting service immediately, cutting short a costly outage, if not avoiding it altogether.

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