Meg Nocero is the Definition of a Superwoman for real!

Meg Nocero is the Definition of a Superwoman for real!

Author Meg Nocero’s story will inspire and empower you. Here’s how writing began as an outlet for surviving grief – and ended up changing her life.

In April of 2011, not only did she lose her mother to breast cancer, Meg also lost her way. To navigate the grieving process, she turned to writing as a healing tool. She started simply. Meg would wake in the morning and read from a book that resonated with her. When a quote or a passage spoke to her, Meg grabbed her journal and channeled at least three pages of longhand about what she felt her mother would want to communicate to her about it. One day led to the next, and this routine led her to complete her first book, a self-help guide called The Magical Guide to Bliss: Daily Keys to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit & Inner Bliss. Her intention is for the book to empower readers to step into the unknown and wake up to a universe packed with possibility, because that’s exactly what happened to her as she wrote it.

“In addition to allowing me to feel connected to my mom, it helped me muster the courage to make a career change after twenty years as a federal prosecutor. I’m now an inspirational writer, speaker and coach, which I believe is my true calling in life.”

She turns to her book daily for clarity and direction.

“It is my morning meditation, it is a place where I transform dreams into reality, and it is liberating and healing in a way like no other. It is where I wrote my way out of darkness to rediscover my inner light. It is what helped me transform into a beautiful butterfly.”

Soon to be released, inspired by her guide, Meg wrote her memoir Beautiful Butterfly: How Grief Enveloped Me, Transformed Me and Freed Me to Live the Life I Want! and her book of how to start a magical affirmation practice Sparkle & Shine: 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.S. to  Brighten Your Day and Lighten Your Way.

One sets out her story of how a magical and creative Italian American woman whose determined soul wakens her to persevere through a time of hopelessness as a result of her mother’s death; when she finally bravely bucks the need for approval from others to feel worthy and leaves a prestigious federal law career to follow her dreams, she unapologetically chooses to authentically walk her own path on “El Camino” to see what she is made of; there she discovers the peace of knowing that her inner light is more than enough.

The other helps you to embrace the magic within through the practice of mantras or reinforced positive thinking. Like a caterpillar surrenders to its journey of change into the darkness of the cocoon, with a magical mantra practice, at the end of the cycle, we can all emerge renewed into a spiritual freedom that marks a new beginning embracing our own beauty reaching new heights.

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