Meet Zone Sheats; Sensational Music Artist from Decatur, Georgia Slowly, But Steadily Making A Name in the Music Industry

The fast-rising artist is garnering increasing recognition in the music industry thanks to quality, unique sounds.

Decatur, GA – Aug 17, 2021 – For those of us that have heard about, or are fans of ‘Zone Sheats’, the stories of his name, musical career, journey, and style have been elusive. More so for those that haven’t even heard of him at all. You might not know his name right off the bat but the music artist has always been about the bigger picture.

Since the release of his debut single years ago, Zone has not looked back, fostering an understanding of his self-taught songwriting ability combined with his unique talent. Since then, he has taken the music world by storm, created his unique style by combining multiple contemporary music genres, and worked on numerous other collaborative projects.

Describing himself and his music in a recent interview, Zone is quoted to have said “My name Zone Sheats came up with that name because I’m from Decatur, GA where we section off our counties in Zones. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California, and I’m from zone 6 there 6 letters to my last name so yea. You can also just call me Zone. I’ve been doing music for 2 years now but I’ve been singing and rapping with my older brother and cousins for years. Since I was 13 I believe.”

Motivated by his passion for expression, Zone Sheats sets out to be an artist that relates to everyone by bringing people together with music. The sky promises to be the limit for him, with the artist showing virtually no sign of slowing down. He is set to leave his footprint in the music industry with his upcoming refreshing releases.

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