Meet Zak, The Professional Certified Forex Trader Behind Gestion Trading Company

Meet Zak, The Professional Certified Forex Trader Behind Gestion Trading Company

At 22, Zak, highly rated forex trader, is the proud owner of Gestion Trading Company located in France. Along with that, he also controls 2 telegram channels with over 34,000 members where he posts live trades for free. As a Certified Professional Forex Trader, he also coaches and mentors his followers for free. He does this because according to him, Gestion Trading is not only about sharing investments, it’s also about mentoring people who want to trade independently. Zak takes pride in being a funded trader who manages a 7-figure trading account because not so many acclaimed professional traders have gotten to this level. He reveals that most of his income stem from trading forex and he uses this income to invest in real estate.

His Story

3 years ago, Zak made the decision that would later be the best decision of his life. He decided to stop being like everyone else who take the metro every day, then work and sleep. In his words, ‘I stepped out of my comfort zone, sacrificed friends, my old job, and decided to take action and get into Trading full time.’ He later discovered to his surprise that a person didn’t have to have huge amounts of money, take huge risks, or be a genius to trade because the Trading of the 70s is no longer how it is today. Today’s trading has become simple and accessible to everyone.

“In a few weeks and with a few hundred euros, I was able to generate my first euros and withdraw them from the financial markets, and believe me that you will be very proud of yourself from your first withdrawal from your trading account because I had the same feeling when I knew that I was able to extract money from the financial markets like banks and large financial institutions do,” he said. Since then, Zak has generated more than € 2,000,000 in net profits from just Trading not to mention his other businesses, graduates and investment fund managers. He has also lectured in front of thousands of people. “But what makes me the proudest is to have been able to help thousands of entrepreneurs to change their lives thanks to Trading,” says Zak

Zak’s Gestion Trading

Known as theBest Free French-Speaking Trading Training, Zak’s Gestion Trading is completely free as soon as interested traders register. The program offers free training which explains how to trade the different financial instruments, as well as explanatory videos which show how to take his trading signals with a probability of winning greater than 60%.

Regardless of background, knowledge and skills, the Gestion Trading program is aimed at 2 types of people; beginners who have no experience in Trading and financial markets and experts who want to know the most advanced strategies to improve their results and increase their rates of success. Designed to be completely in 4 weeks, the program is 100% online. However, just like every other online course, it can be taken at any pace because access is unlimited and valid for life. For more live insights, interested traders can follow his trading signals on his Telegram channels.

The goal of Gestion Trading is to allow any determined person profit and extract money from the financial markets which are open from Monday to Friday, to radically change their life and achieve financial, geographic and temporal freedom. This is possible as “formation members generated over $ 100,000 in net profit and rated the formation and signals 4.5 / 5. On average, each student who joins the training generates more than 100 € / day,” Zak says.

Overcoming business hurdles

Before Zak became profitable in trading, he faced many problems just like every budding entrepreneur always does. And in trading, the one common problem that every amateur face is the capital. However, he didn’t give up. He kept learning and back testing his strategies. One day, he decided to pass a trading evaluation in order to become fully certified. This decision helped a lot to convince investors to sign a contract with him to manage their money. This was how he broke through.

Word of advice:

Thousands of people have been able to quit their jobs and become financially free so why not you? If they got there, why can’t you? It’s time for you to take action to build your future.

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