Meet Sachin Pathak and Pawan Bhakuni the Digital Marketing Experts now working on Stock Market

Meet Sachin Pathak and Pawan Bhakuni the Digital Marketing Experts now working on Stock Market
Sachin Pathak: from media and online marketing expert to stock market trader and investor

Clear mindset, is what necessary for every passionate person. Keeping this in mind Sachin started his journey at age of 21 as media and marketing strategist. He knows how to adapt change, embrace every challenge for his development and that’s what leads him towards playing different roles like being an author, digital marketer, media and marketing strategist, life-coach, Trader and investor, a powerful speaker and finally a whole of passionpreneur.

After college, he was clear what he wants from life. He always believe, there are two ways to make money:

1) via sales and marketing.  2) By investing and trading into stock market.

and thus, he started first phase of his goal by foundation of his own self- funded online media and marketing agency. He had given his 100% to make his company one of the best in industry and finally considering his efforts and hard-work he got recognized as  “One of The best media and technology strategist in the year 2020” by Asia Pacific and also invited in India’s Fastest Growing Brands & Leaders 2020-21 Broadcast in CNBCTV18 & ZEETV MENA Region.

He and his team worked with many organizations like StockPro, ETV, Royans Hospital, and more.

Through his clients, one is StockPro where he mate mentor  Dr. Seema Jain and learned more about stock market and opportunities in this field. As mentioned before here he started second phase of his goal which is to trade in Stock Market. He knows how to utilize opportunity and that’s what he did.

When we asked him, what he want to suggest to new aspiring entrepreneur, he said;

“Set a goal. Crush the goal.Make crushing your goals part of your identity.”

Know what you want from life, chose your aim and bound it with time limit and everyday force yourself to chase it and passionately follow it until you achieve it.

“Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your 20 seconds on bullshit.”

Time is truly precious thing and Don’t dare to waste it, learn how to utilize each and every second.

Mastered every role, and he is live example of multitasking.

Pawan Bhakuni a visionary boy from Haldwani, Nainital who was born in Ranikhet, a beautiful town in the hills from Uttarakhand.

Currently, he is persuing his degree from Delhi University and along with that has his hands into digital marketing through which he wants exposure while continuing his studies. He has been working as a Social media manager from the last 4 years which gives him a lot of experience in this field. He has been exceptionally well as it as can be seen from his pieces of work.

His involvement in this field started back in his late teens when he joined a few groups and slowly figured out what all extra-curricular things can be done along with studies. Gathering all the information and other knowledge along his path he thought that he can do something different. At an early stage, he met a guy working in the same social media platform who explained to him the pros and how this thing works and for that he realised he needs investment. But that didn’t stop him.

He contacted his friends that he met online and arranged investment and started working. In the beginning, he had his first income in hand that was mere a 300 bucks and then he worked day and night for the same.

Later He felt really happy being independent so gave more time to social media. To begin with, he did content writing, blog creation and also started promoting people on multiple social media platforms.

He also started creating Instagram pages and sold them earning him a handsome amount. He also extended hands towards the Facebook world and that was the time when he didn’t look back later. He also started reselling because he wanted not to spend more time in this.

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