Meet Dean Bar Haim, Successful Entrepreneur

Dean Bar Haim (26), an ambitious entrepreneur and a businessman from Israel, who is on the breakthrough to the Miami elite, running several different businesses, currently known mostly for his exotic cars rental and yacht charter business, as well as being a person with a wide range of possibilities and options, living to the fullest. Here is a close up to the personality that is also known as 360Hurricane.

Q: How did Start Point Exotics come to existence, what triggered the idea of wanting to provide business with exotic luxury cars?

“It’s funny that you asked that because my mother just sent me a picture of a book from my school graduation 13 years ago. Everybody wrote where they imagined themselves to be in about ten years which is where I clearly mentioned I wanted to deal with exotic cars and that I will have an exotic car business”. *Shows the picture*, “it’s in Hebrew”.

“I always wanted to do it, but when I moved here I didn’t know how to start until I met a guy who was driving a red Lamborghini Huracan and asked him for a picture. Apparently, he was a car wash guy who worked for an exotic car rental company owned by an Israeli guy like me. The guy with the Lamborghini gave me the details and I said that I wanted to meet the owner of the company. I met the guy and told him I could make big changes. So I started working for the guy and after a couple of months, decided to resign and opened my own exotic car rental company since I believed I could go bigger by myself, with my own company, where I could have a voice. It was hard in the beginning but luckily my family’s business partners had a dealership, only for exotic and luxury cars with over 300 cars at a time, they had several companies under their brand, like Sixth car rental company for example. They had the commercial fleet insurance already, so I asked them, why don’t we try to rent cars out?”

“Soon enough, they dedicated 13 cars to the rental business and I started going around the hotels in Miami, including the one we are sitting at right now (1 Hotel South Beach), came with the pricing, negotiated why our car rental company is the right one, what led to this point, being featured on google maps in this area, when you google “car rental company” in Miami Beach, my rental company is the one that is going to pop up, exactly in this hotel on collins avenue. It kept spreading across other hotels as well, what brought me to a current situation of partnerships with most of the big hotels in Miami Beach, Florida.”

Q: To change the topic a little to your more personal side, you are originally from Israel. What made you come to the United States?

“Although my immediate family still lives in Israel, my uncles, aunts, and cousins live here – 16 family members to be accurate. When I moved to Miami, my family owned a big part of the nightclubs here such as SET nightclub which was renamed to Mr. Jones, Mokai, Mansion which is now closed and more. I knew that my family was very powerful here with over 13 other businesses and that I could collaborate with them and use the connections. Soon enough, I met the nightclubs’ owners, managers, and promoters and started making connections. They started referring clients to me, clients who were already opening tables for 10 thousand dollars and a lot more. I am the one who provides the cars to them now. Apart from that, Miami has always been my dream, ever since I was 4 years old, as I mentioned at the beginning of the interview. I remember the first time I came here, I told my mom I wanted to move to Miami one day. Prior to moving to Miami, I used to spend at least 3 – 4 months a year visiting my family.”

Q: After everything that you’ve built and gained responsibility for so far, what comes next?

“I always look for new adventures and I recently opened SKRT, a designer jewelry company which is also based in Miami Beach, Florida. SKRT is an online store that sells gold plated jewelry with different base materials like stainless steel and sterling silver and the best part of it is that we set high quality cubic zirconia stones which makes it look great. It is a brand that allowed people with lower budgets to wear the “iced out” shiny jewelry that most of the famous people have.  We also offer solid gold / diamonds jewelry with the other brand I recently opened, Hurricane & Co. I always try to open new businesses that are related to things I like because I only believe in loving what I do for a living. I have a few big things coming this year so you better stay tuned.”

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