now makes it incredibly easy for seniors to understand Medicare choices

Understanding Medicare plans, costs, penalties and benefits is now much easier for seniors thanks to the huge library of videos on Medicare on Video’s new resource website

TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES – November 13, 2018 – Open enrollment season is here again and more seniors coming of age are in need of in-depth information for informed Medicare choices. Medicare on video has recently rolled out even more informative robust videos explaining to seniors the importance and choices available with Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance cover.

Learning all about Medicare with Keith Ambrecht, founder at Medicare on Video and a reputable registered insurance agent, every other video is fun and straightforward. His aptitude for making detailed explanation becomes pure gold when it comes to understanding Medicare as a whole. With Medicare plans not covering all costs, we are beginning to see more and more seniors opt for supplementary coverage.

According to Keith, there are 10 standard Medicare supplement insurance plans from A to N though this has nothing to do with the labels for basic Medicare plans regulated by the federal government. Each of these add-ons has different costs that they cover including deductibles, co-pays and also help with co-insurance. Seniors can now choose the different additional benefits for coverage of out of pocket costs.

The 3 highlights are as follows:

  • A comprehensive resource for Medicare and supplement cover resource center
  • Easy to follow tutorials for easy understanding of Medicare and supplement insurance
  • Deeper understanding of how out-of-pocket expenses and penalties work.

Standardization has brought about easier consumer understanding of the insurance market so that every plan with the same letter carries similar benefits across insurers. With same benefits, seniors can source the same cover from their favorite companies with only cost being the major difference.

Companies may offer loyalty waivers for their existing clients as well. What you end up paying out of pocket, if any, depends on what additional policies you take out and the services you need.

In summary;Medicare supplement insurance covers some or all of the out-of-pocket costs. Plans that cover more costs have higher premiums.

With more seniors now using the internet as their primary source of information on health-care, sites like continue to be invaluable treasure. Keith has been described as a machine gun mouth firing away critical information. For seniors and those easing up to that status Medicare on Video is a must see before deciding where to purchase.

Ultra-fast internet connectivity is coming with 5G as an enabler for better medical care access for everyone, the future hinges not only on instant information but also sharable content and smarter choices. Basic cover is pretty impressive compared to what it used to be but it just doesn’t make par nowadays. And while supplementary cover could save you money, understanding just what the different options mean is critical to actually being able to save money.

Meanwhile, Keith continues to enjoy warm reception by his attentive audience and remains a top go to site for all things Medicare.

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Medicare On Video is a complete Medicare website and Video Resource Center that provides a tremendous amount of Medicare information. Founder, Keith Armbrecht delivers walkthrough tutorials on video that covers about every topic you can think of and answers important questions that will help you make better Medicare choices. The website also provides a weekly Medicare Blog and has an important Guides and Forms page that covers how to start Medicare, Medicare Drug Plans, IRMAA and how to leave your group plan. Their mission is to help everyone discover Medicare coverage through website technology, product support, and unrivaled customer service.

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