MediBit – the blockchain powered platform is uniting the medical industry under one platform

MediBit is creating an HIPPA-compliment, open platform based on blockchain technology. It is aimed to act as a central hub for medical data exchange among patients, insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies and even fitness centers.

By bringing decentralization into the healthcare industry, MediBit aims to resolve the age-old problem of dispersed and scattered medical data. The healthcare industry generates a large amount of data which is used by healthcare providers, consumers, and researchers but all this data is often fragmented, incompatible and dispersed due to present medical data systems and regulations from various governances. For example, the inability to access the patient’s complete and consistent medical history proves as an obstacle for doctors providing proper diagnosis and medical care. In another scenario, doctor’s office and insurance companies often spend a significant amount of time processing bills in old-fashioned ways, generating unnecessary administrative overhead. The healthcare industry has one of the highest administrative and office worker percentage compared to other industries. 

MediBit will tackle the above-mentioned issue by first and foremost building a compatible medical database and exchange platform for all major parties in the healthcare ecosystem: hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies, patients and other healthcare information source, such as fitness devices. The platform will charge a reasonable platform usage fee in the form of MEDITBIT tokens from platform users. MediBit will not only offer a reliable platform with privacy and security of the data but also incur much less cost than the traditional healthcare platforms.

To take a step further, in the long term, the MediBit team thrives to build a global healthcare ecosystem that connects various Blockchain powered medical project and serves as a central exchange for various medical tokens to facilitate transmitting healthcare data globally. Some of the ideas they are working on include: MediBit Information Exchange (MIX), MediBit Token Exchange (MTX), MediBit Health Card / Mobile App and a Smart Medical Data (SMD) Language Translation for worldwide service.

MediBit is currently running their crowdsale starting from July 1st till October 1st, 2018. The interested participants can purchase the MEDIBITs token at an exchange rate of 1 ETH = 1,500,000 MEDIBITs and receive a proportional bonus (if any) based on the time of contribution. MediBit will be listed on exchanges upon completion of crowdsale.

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