Media Giant, Author’s Tranquillity Press Publishes Freddie Moore’s Book of Poems, ‘Let Me Express My Feelings’

A book that teaches men that honesty with feelings does not equate weakness

Freddie Moore’s book, “Let Me Express My Feelings” has recently been published by leading publishing company, Author’s Tranquility Press. Freddie’s book can be called the book of poems as it is a collection of love poems about being honest and open with no hesitation. The book is mostly directed at men because Freddie believes that men find it more difficult to really express their deepest feelings.

With Author’s Tranquility Press as Freddie’s publisher, “Let Me Express My Feelings” is getting the reach it needs. Freddie’s message in his book is clear. He aims to teach men how best to express their feelings to the women in their lives without feeling weak. According to him, “All our lives, we were made to believe that men aren’t supposed to cry. That’s a lie we were taught as children. That’s one reason there are so many divorces today; because of our stupid pride.”

While some people are gifted with knowing exactly how to communicate their feelings, others simply are not. Sometimes, when they find the words, pride gets in the way. A divorcee with a dead father, Freddie draws from his experience of losing loved ones to relate to his readers. His poems communicate to his readers how best to appreciate people they love without holding back and without letting pride or shame get in the way. “Gentlemen, after you read this, I’m sure you will find something to say to your lady.”

‘Let Me Express My Feelings’ is available in hardcopy on Amazon and also in soft copy on Kindle.

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