MC charity mutual-aid community will start in May 2016, popular in China!

MC (full Mutual Charity) is a non-profit Mutual system automatically, can let the participants in the platform to realize to help others, and then a return to aid. 

In the past four years, MC team initiator and technology behind the mysterious, successively to expand MC to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, London, mumbai, and other countries and regions, until today, still in the middle of a smooth running. Some speculate that this group of people is the enterprise, there are also people who believe that they are financial elite, no one knows their true identity, but all of the other surprise, MC at run time, really have never seen a more than 12 hours of system maintenance, without any more delay member background operation of the system upgrade behavior! 

MC charity mutual-aid community is through the PI algorithm than mutual community, infinite loop PI matching way never crash, controlled by PI points matching, using money balance, small investment returns. 

In MC, all funds transferred to turn piece, is a point-to-point transaction between members, platform as a carrier only exists, therefore, MC has no risk of bubbles! 

In May 2016, the smooth running of 4 years of MC is coming to China. In China, the MC charity mutual-aid community is about to become a human, really beneficial to enriching people’s entrepreneurial platform! We don’t say seconds seconds knot, but please see our speed! If we do not promise for a long time, time has proved that the stability of the MC and sustainable development. 

Join the MC, you will have unexpected harvest! 

MC charity mutual-aid community, a chance of you not to be missed!

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Company Name: MC charity mutual-aid community
Contact Person: John Xu
Phone: 00-1-213-677-5360
Country: United States