Max Dhindsa, Superstar Entrepreneur is Set to Transform the Shape of Digital Fashion in Web 3

Max Dhindsa, a visionary entrepreneur and social media influencer, who started his life from trading, collecting, and selling Pokémon and Yu Gi Oh cards in elementary school, to growing up and creating a partnered YouTube channel for gaming- reaching over 1,000,000 views, and then went off to build motivational quote profiles on Instagram amassing over 33,000 followers, and E-Commerce brands with over $215,000 in sales. Now, his next venture includes building the largest, and worlds first layer 2 marketplace, specifically created for Digital Fashion Wearables- in the space of web 3. 

In year 2017, he received the president role for Startup Laurier after a year of being a Marketing Director. That same summer, while searching for new ways of making income, Max Dhindsa stumbled upon the idea of E-Commerce using Shopify- on YouTube. At age 19, he learned the exact steps for launching a successful online store, and investing into Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum- putting his friends and family members on as-well. Within the last 5 years, he has then launched a successful e-com brand from zero to a quarter million in sales, invested in a ton of early Cryptocurrencies + NFT’s, volunteered at Web 3 conferences like Futurist, and met a lot of experts in the space to go all in Web 3- during 2021.


He is a travel enthusiast, and has been to countries like Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala, living and thriving to gain a better perspective on life and gather more experience. 

While building his E-Commerce brand (TLV), he learned how to build a venture from the complete scratch. Although he encountered many obstacles in his journey, such as hiring virtual assistants who were spoofing their hours worked, to credit cards being blocked, bank accounts holding revenue when he needed it most, to mention a few, he quoted from Disrupt Magazine “It allowed me to get my hands dirty, and figure out solutions to problems in real time.” Another Quote from Disrupt Magazine, “Believe that the universe is rooting for you, and it is.” – Max Dhindsa. These experiences made him who he is today, which shaped him into a more competent individual, and business owner. For this reason, Max is indeed grateful for these events to occur, because it has helped him to build character and tolerance, in which you can’t easily find answers to reading in a textbook or watching an online video, but only through having the experience itself. 

Currently, Max is building OPULENCE-X, set to be the largest decentral marketplace built for Digital Fashion, using Layer 2 ETH, with 0 Gas Fees and Faster Scalability. OP-X will allow both established brands in the premium, street wear, and skins market, alongside independent designers to sell their designs directly to consumers as digital collectibles and wearable NFT’s for avatars- in Metaverse and Gaming environments. Consumers will be able to buy, sell, trade and earn with their NEW Wear 2 Earn (W2E) model.

In addition, Max Dhindsa is expanding the platform to have a social component because consumers want to display their digital fashion assets, as well as, join like-minded groups, and follow brands. Within the social component, users will have the ability to post, showcase, and join exclusive communities based on their favored brands, which will achieve better Buyer to Customers (B2C) relationships rewarding loyal customers through W2E, exclusive discounts-drops-events, and personalized incentives just for them. Also, there will be a brand NEW way to mint a collection, using their Digital Fashion Show feature. Ultimately, Max sees niche marketplaces with a social component being the hottest, marketplace innovation in 2022 and beyond, with OP-X being on the forefront of that technology. 

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