Matt Misikov’s Newly Released Poetry Collection, “Porcelain Bird,” is a Memoir that Reveals the Depths of the Author’s Personal Odyssey

The author takes readers on an emotional exploration in an attempt to unearth the hidden truths of his journey, weaving together delicate threads of nostalgia, resilience, and self-discovery

With great delight, Matt Misikov unveils his latest literary masterpiece, “Porcelain Bird.” This remarkable anthology of poetry gracefully unravels the depths of his personal odyssey, capturing both the essence of his past and the kaleidoscope of emotions that define his perception of the present moment.

According to Matt, Porcelain Bird is a story of emotional vulnerability where he ruminates ever-lasting melancholy while longing for a state of happiness that, he acknowledges, might be hiding in a maximalist and obscure image of the future.

“I feel like it should be read as a short story,” said Matt Misikov ahead of the book’s launch. “I wanted to capture a very specific moment of my life and didn’t want to curate or edit all the pieces in the book after I finished writing them too much so it remains honest and raw.”

Although Matt Misikov finished work on the book two years back, he is only publishing it now as he believes its relevance to the literary world, and to his own journey, has not depleted. In his words, “Publishing takes time but despite having it [the book] out just now, over two years after I finished writing it, things are still the same. I do feel differently about certain things, I’d even say my perception of some things I talk about in the collection has changed a lot, but the fundamental questions remain the same — and that’s what I noticed about the book: there are more questions asked than answered.”

Porcelain Bird is an absolute page-turner, a poetic triumph. The book is now available on Amazon and other digital bookstores.

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