“Mathematical Milestones” by Clement Falbo Makes History of Mathematics Come Alive as a Powerful Human Problem Solving Tool

"Mathematical Milestones" by Clement Falbo Makes History of Mathematics Come Alive as a Powerful Human Problem Solving Tool

Anyone scared or put off by mathematics should get a copy of the recently published work by Clement Falbo, titled “Mathematical Milestones: Nature, Science, Business, Computers, and Artificial Intelligence.” A remarkable introduction to how mathematics has developed in collaboration with other domains such as business, engineering, economics, physics, etc. The work reveals the subject as a humanitarian endeavor with its own interesting history.

As the name suggests, “Mathematical Milestones” takes the reader through all the important stages that have occurred in mathematics. More than that, readers from all domains and fields will get to love the subject and appreciate its connection to their own occupations. The book traverses a wide historical period, from ancient and medieval to the last four hundred years, and the present trends in artificial intelligence.

Among the topics, readers will learn how matrices were used in China in 300 BCE for solving practical business problems of inventory, sales, and taxes, and later re-invented in the West. The first chapter explores the origins of mathematics (where did it come from?), and the next one reveals how equations are just like sentences! The remaining chapters deal with the history of important concepts and topics such as real and multidimensional numbers, the binomial theorem and logic, geometry, matrices, and calculus. The book ends with a chapter on the crisis in mathematics that concerned making the field a completely consistent system, a hope dashed by Gödel’s incompleteness theorem.

I wrote it to explain why mathematics is, ostensibly, the premier human problem-solving tool,” says Clement Falbo.

Falbo shows mathematics to be a subject among the liberal arts, a branch of humanities that must not be seen as uncomfortable or obscure. Falbo wants everyone to see it as a human endeavor that must be appreciated.

“Mathematical Milestones” makes for an interesting read with puzzles, examples, and demonstrations meant for the reader to understand the finer points. The use of equations for communication makes it a unique work that reveals the beauty and power of mathematics for the layman as never done before.

Mathematical Milestones: Nature, Science, Business, Computers and Artificial Intelligence” by Clement Falbo is available from Amazon.

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