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26 April, 2017 – Search Engine Optimization is perceived by most people as  very complex and difficult to understand and implement. This popular perception is, however, too far from the truth. SEO can be learned, mastered and used to drive traffic, leads and convert to sales by anybody. Every month, people pay hundreds of dollars to so called SEO gurus who simply pulls in money every month and yet fail to deliver.

Fastest growing SEO training portal, proudly announce the availability of their 4 + hours, simple-to-learn Search Engine Optimization course available. The course is highly simplified, practical and well designed to turn anyone into a pro. The course has helped numerous business owners and marketers on how to optimize their sites, get traffic and more sales.

“Getting to the top of Google in your business may not be as difficult as you think. Just like you, thousands of people are being misled, thinking SEO is rocket science. Our training helps you understand first the fundamental evergreen principles of ranking and the latest strategies to stay top of Google. Unlike others, ProSEOTraining, encourages white hat strategies which last longer and guarantees risk-free high rankings,” says Jim Stanley.

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“I’ve taken a lot of other SEO classes, including one in person and they only scratch the surface compared to yours. ProSEOTraining taught me so many things, especially with keywords and site structuring that none of the other classes even touched on,” says Roger Cureton – Affiliate Marketer, Student

The 22+ video course helps students understand the importance of keywords and how to perform advanced keyword research and discover the hundreds of ways people search online. The course also cover, competitor research, On-page and Off-page SEO optimization.

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