Martsam Travel Brings Maya Civilization to Life with Exclusive Archaeological Tour Package

No traveler can miss out on the wonders of the ancient world ruled by civilizations such as the Mayan, that still continue to surprise the modern world for their achievements. Martsam Travel & Leisure Tours is a specialist in organizing tours to the Mayan civilization, covering destinations such as Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and South of Mexico.

Martsam Travel offers expert led Archaeological tours and expeditions that unravel the mysteries of the ancient Mayan civilization and its archaeological remains. The tour package includes excellent accommodation, local food, private vehicles, helicopter and charter flights, professional tour guides and drivers. A trip to the Mayan landscape reveals its vestiges and the imprints left by the Mayan people, all with the excitement of an adventurous trip.

The Mayan culture carries unique Middle American elements such as cocoa and maguey, the complex nixtamal – tortilla, the sword with sheets of obsidian and the protective cotton shirt. Its stepped pyramids, hieroglyphs, maps and codexes are known all over the world. Mayans used paper ritually, along with rubber and flowers, played a ball game with strings, and believed in inferior worlds. Some of the other fascinating aspects of the Mayans include the 18 20-day calendar, the 13-day ritual week, cycles of 52 years, military order tigers and eagles, fortunate and lucky days, etc.

“We are offering a fascinating archaeological and cultural journey to anyone interested in discovering ancient Maya sites, live cultures, colonial towns, ethnic markets, textiles, festivals, beliefs and the Mayan Jungle,” said a spokesperson from Martsam Travel.

Martsam Travel knows the taste of travelers who love to explore world heritage sites, natural treasures, national parks, art galleries, museums, craft and art centers. Among other things, travelers will experience unique thrills while exploring active volcanoes, caves, shamanic rituals, dense jungles, wildlife, helicopter tours and more.

“As a local travel provider, we have the perfect sources and staff to offer you an exclusive service at local rates. The best value of our private tours is the deep knowledge and professionalism of our team: travel advisors, guides and drivers. We are specialized in custom-made travel schedules and personalized assistance for small groups, families and independent travelers looking for authentic Guatemala travel experiences,” said the spokesperson.

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