Marmansk revolutionizes the way people use their bags with the unique “MARMANSK” series

Innovative Russian bag brand, Marmansk, set to change the way people use bags with their trendy bag series

“MARMANSK” in line with their slogan – “Carry Your World With You,” has launched the “MARMANSK” series bags that have seemingly taken the world by storm, rapidly becoming the new trend. The bags are versatile, carefully designed for all categories of users, including students, businessmen, and globetrotters. Each bag from the brand has a lightweight design, great utility, and is reasonably priced to ensure that the diverse needs of users are met without requiring them to break the bank.

Bags come in different types and remain one of the most important accessories for their functionality and style. Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, and Backpacks have evolved in design to help complement the style of carriers without necessarily sacrificing their functionality. Unfortunately, many of the available brands do not offer a perfect blend of quality, comfort, and style. This is where the makers of the new trendy Bag series from Russia, Marmansk are looking to change the narrative.

We are obsessed with quality and look for something that people need but also love the way it looks. We always design our products with that in mind. If you are one of those people who is constantly moving around, travelling from one place to another, our “MARMANSK” Bags are just what you are looking for, as they hold every detail to make all your journeys even more delightful! Light, handy, and elegant – all in one!

Born in the heart of the world’s polar region, where the Aurora magically spreads through the skies and across the land, in dazzling dances of light and mysterious colours, “MARMANSK” was specially designed for travelling, but most of all, for the everyday city life of those urban free spirits, those who cannot be held back and always need the world at their fingertips.

The bags are available in different types, including Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, and Backpacks and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colours to ensure there is a little something for everyone and for every situation.

The ultimate daily BACKPACKS feature three different main models – the AZIMUT, a Flip-Top Outdoor Backpack with a multi-functional unique design, HVALDIMI, the Roll-Top Everyday Backpack, with vibrant colours, great space and ergonomics, and the UROCHISHE series, simple, minimalist design and multi-functional backpacks suitable for all situations.

The OBLAST series is for persons that want a smaller bag to carry their everyday items, such as keys, cell phones, wallets, and other basic things. The ultra-light and waterproof bags are ideal for a bike ride, skating, or other quick outdoor activities. The LOVOZERO series introduces an extremely portable and foldable shoulder bag with a simple cutting line and a light, modern look, making it the perfect choice for those seeking versatility and mobility.

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