Markethive: A Marketing Network Created To Help Generate Leads

Despite the visionary work of many entrepreneurs, many will never become successful due to an inability to self-promote. Here to help is Markethive, the efficient inbound marketing platform.

Shell, WY – September 13, 2016 – According to the Small Business Association (SBA) there are over twenty-eight million small businesses in the United States alone.With this level of saturation in the market any budding business needs a way to get ahead. In response, Markethive has formed to provide the latest and most effective marketing method: inbound marketing. Although inbound marketing has been a buzzword for a while now but many are unaware of what it is exactly. Inbound marketing is the practice of tailoring to the user’s actions. By creating the content that the customer searches for when researching before a purchase, as eighty-eight percent of customers do, Markethive is able to seamlessly attract customers and generate leads for any small business. As a side benefit this practice comes free of any animosity that traditional outbound marketing creates with intrusive ads.

At its core Markethive is a network designed to use other social media platforms to generate leads. By posting relevant content to social media sites, Markethive helps their clients gain an edge in their field. What’s more is Markethive’s understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. Markethive was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, allowing a level of insight into their clientele. The staff at Markethive understands entrepreneurs are visionaries with the boldness to push their ideas into reality, so Markethive aims to embody this spirited perseverance in their own services.

These services range from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Broadcasting Services, Social Media Outreach, Capture Page Construction, Video Creation and more. Each one serves its own purpose in putting the client at the top of their customer’s minds. As a result any business or service can be the beneficiary of superior online presence. 

Perhaps the most important result is the near-endless flow of leads Markethive’s inbound marketing methods can create. These leads allow clients to analyze what is effective and what is not, ensuring all marketing is maximally cost-effective. To augment this effectiveness is the viral nature of social networking, ensuring that every client receives the attention they deserve. Markethive is also its own social media platform. Featuring visuals similar to Facebook, Markethive’s platform is about attract and inform readers, but it holds a few key differences. Markethive is centered around group pages. This decision means readers will see relevant content wherever they are on the site, ensuring all content receives proper attention and exposure. Additionally, the site was designed for exposure, so every analytic a client could need is built-in, including backlink management and membership reports. This emphasis on inbound marketing, social media, and quality service, makes Markethive the best around for any marketing need.

About Markethive

Markethive started over 20 years ago as a platform by the name of Veretekk. Today it has evolved into an inbound marketing service paired with a dynamic social network. Best of all the entire system is cost free, allowing any client, big or small, to become a major success. Markethive is proud to be part of the entrepreneurial community and hopes to help aspiring companies rise to success.

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