Mark Dolfini releases a new Blockbuster on Real Estate

A lifesaving book for real estate investors who want more time

Do you own rental properties and find that you’re working full-time hours for part-time pay?  Are you frustrated, finding that you’re spending much more time than you anticipated on managing your rental properties?  Do you want your nights and weekends back?  If your answer to any of the above question is “yes” then Mark Dolfini’s new release, The Time-Wealthy Investor is a book you need to change your financial status for the better.

About this amazing Book:

This book is a road map to owning more while working less and helps investors set up a scalable real estate business that doesn’t run their life. It exposes and explains in detail the concept of Time-Wealth; which allows readers to focus on leveraging technology and creating a scalable business infrastructure, so they can create the life they want.  

The Time-Wealthy Investor is unlike any other book on real estate. It goes past the “tips and tricks” given by many other books and presents to the readers the necessary details to come out ahead in the real estate business. “This book seeks to create better lives and better businesses for those that seek to use the vehicle of real estate to accumulate wealth.  More important than having just a pile of cash however, you will learn to rediscover time instead of killing it”. 

To further buttress the ingenuity of the author Mark Dolfini, the book has received several endorsements from renowned authors.

Dr. Ivan Misner – NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI says “The system in this book is a great way for individuals to manage wealth”

Jim Zarvos – Property Investor, Author, and Executive Coach, “This book will pay for itself a 100-fold in its first year.”

Other endorsements include; Mark Eaton – NBA All-Star, National Speaker, and Executive Coach, Lt. Col Rob “Waldo” Waldman – Peak Performance Speaker and Bestselling Author,  Jim Roman – National Speaker and CEO of Business Owner’s Institute and Hazel Walker – Bestselling Author, International Speaker.

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This book is available for purchase on Amazon. Mark Dolfini will also holding all-day seminars to teach the concept of this book – The Time-Wealthy. You can reach out to him directly to host a seminar in your area through the website

About the Author Mark Dolfini

Mark is an accomplished U.S. Marine veteran. He has managed $40 million worth of real estate as the Managing Broker of his company June Palms Property Management LLC. He is on the advisory board for the BBB of Central Indiana, the Indiana NFIB, and is an Area Director for BNI, a global networking organization. He lives in Lafayette, Indiana with his wife Jennifer, where they raise their two sons Leland and Logan.  Mark is the Founder and Head Coach of Landlord Coach, LLC and He also received a B.S. Degree in Accounting from Purdue University.

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