Mark Binstead: A sensational talent born with multiple disorder

January 11, 2018 – Mark Binstead, a rapper with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) has become a sensational rap artist with his controversial songs. He only decided to become a celebrity because his psychiatrist said it would help him fuse all his personalities.

Each song is literally a different person rapping. His main altar has schizophrenia. He has songs under an album called “Dissociate”, his songs talk about different personalities situations emanated from one person like he believes he died and now is in purgatory. He believes that America is heaven and needs to get to America to help him break free from his delusions. Will Trump let him in? Australia and the USA are allies.

If USA goes to war, Australia goes to war. All he wants is just to spread the word of God. He also states claims of belonging to Illuminati, his songs have a soothing smooth flow with nice beats and is filled with a lot of messages he intends to pass along to everyone that listens to his song.

To listen to his strangely cool contradictory music, click here.

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