Margaret Tran’s, The ACTIONS Offers a Powerful Framework on How to Break Bad Habits and Build Better Ones

Margaret Tran’s, The ACTIONS Offers a Powerful Framework on How to Break Bad Habits and Build Better Ones
In The ACTIONS, author Margaret Tran shares a revolutionary approach for overcoming grief, fostering self-awareness and regaining one’s life purpose.

The ACTIONS: 7 Steps to Powerful Change is an empowering self-help book that provides readers with simple tools they can use to facilitate positive change and rekindle their life’s purpose. Following the devastating loss of her mother, author Margaret Tran was able to rise from utter despair into a life of hope and positivity where she is now more present than she has ever been. Through this experience, Tran developed a seven-step plan for change based on the acronym ACTIONS. In the book, Tran shares her self-developed methodology to help others get unstuck, stop sabotaging their growth and reclaim the life of their dreams.

I lost my mother in January 2012 and I lost myself. My mind and actions were in “default mode” and I seemed to accomplish nothing. Today, I am no longer depressed…and made it a life mission to support others who are grieving,” says author Margaret Tran. Now a multi-award-winning author, spiritual healer and mindset coach, Tran has provided thousands of people with simple and practical tools to reconstruct their mindset, change their responses to life’s challenges, and rekindle their sense of purpose. “Through combining my personal experiences of heartache and triumph with my expertise in spiritual and mindset healing, my mission is to share actionable strategies readers can use to break past grief and grow as leaders.”

The ACTIONS takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and finally, self-actualization by learning how to break bad habits and formulate positive thoughts and behaviors. The book outlines a detailed seven-step process that includes developing positive self-management practices, setting purposeful intentions and goals, taking control of your time, uncovering your strengths, nurturing key relationships, sharing passions to inspire others, and more. The seven-step process assures readers that happiness and satisfaction aren’t pipe dreams, but instead, achievable states of being that become possible by embracing an action-oriented mindset. Readers are left with a tangible blueprint for happiness and success that will make their dreams, goals, and intentions a reality.

The ACTIONS has been endorsed by experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Susan Schmidt writes, “The ACTIONS shares 7 vital steps to success and achievement. Margaret applied these rules first to her own personal life and then tested them in her professional life realizing the steps can transform all of your life. Self-acceptance and emotional freedom can be yours when following her simple and precise advice.” In addition, Luis Vicente Garcia writes, “Whether you have been depressed, in grief or in any difficult personal situation, the 7 Steps will guide you through a step by step process that will set you on an improvement path… Margaret Tran’s “The Actions” book is a marvelous addition to anyone’s collection.”

In these times of unprecedented change and uncertainty, The ACTIONS offers a proven blueprint on how to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors to grow into a better version of yourself, for you and those around you. Available for sale on Amazon, readers who are looking to create lasting happiness and fulfillment are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

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Margaret Tran, entrepreneur, an author, energy healer, storyteller and speaker about women who went through amazing life changes after loss of a loved one and were in a bad place, but found inspiration to go on and made a life mission to support others who are grieving.Tran’s book, The ACTIONS was chosen as a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards and the American Writing Awards. Tran has been interviewed and featured on All Author, Expert Insights Magazine, and IHeartRadio, and was nominated for the prestigious 2021 global award by Author Elite Awards conferred by Author Academy Elite (AAE). To learn more, please visit:

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