March 10th is International Wig Day

March 10th is International Wig Day

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Creating Awareness for Disease-Related Hair Loss

March 10th marks the sixth annual International Wig Day. Originally marked as an international day of celebration to “support the fight against cancer” as well as to “create awareness of the hair loss problems caused by diseases and as a result of chemotherapy”, International Wig Day seeks to promote a fun and healthy way to celebrate the ways that people all over the world celebrate themselves and their appearance through their hair – regardless of how much (or what kind of) hair they may or may not have.

Fighting Stigma with Celebration

Throughout humanity’s recorded history, there have been a plethora of stigmas surrounding hair loss and those that it affects, regardless of how, why, or when their hair loss began to occur. Because of this, most people in the past – and many still even today – believe that wigs are only meant for those who have lost their hair due to genetics or as a result of medical conditions. Fortunately, the truth is much further removed from this misconception.

For as long as wig-making has been a professional trade, wigs have been used as part of celebratory ceremonies and costumes, live theatrical performances, fashion accessories by celebrities and other members of the upper-class, and even signs of status or importance. Just take a look at pre-Industrial fashion: many members of European monarchies and legal figures such as lawyers and judges used wigs as a key accessory for centuries.

International Wig Day is meant to highlight both the seriousness and extravagance of wigs of all different kinds, colors, shapes, and styles. This allows women of all ages to raise awareness of the stigmas surrounding hair loss caused by diseases and chemotherapy. In raising worldwide awareness of these stigmas, everyone can play a part in shattering them while offering support for those who feel they may not have a choice in wearing a wig.

How To Celebrate International Wig Day

Even though this may sound obvious, the easiest and best way to celebrate International Wig Day is to simply wear your favorite wig! Whether it’s to be fun and flirty, or a matter of a hair-loss due to chemotherapy or lifestyle stress, you can showcase your best self with pride. If you are considering investing in a new high-quality wig or trying one for the first time, Dini Wigs, a New York-based family-owned small business that is committed to luxury, quality, and cutting-edge fashion, has recently revolutionized the custom wig ordering process amidst the Covid-19 Health pandemic. Founder Dini has recently revolutionized her business to create ‘Dini From Home’ – a way that allows customers to receive incredible high-quality wigs made from 100% natural European human hair without the risk of spreading or being infected by the COVID-19 virus.

The “Dini From Home” service consists of a preliminary Zoom appointment that allows Dini and her team to envision the wig of your dreams. After this preliminary meeting, Dini Wigs will send you a package straight to your door that contains all the tools you will need to complete a 3D scan of your head, which is done via a mobile phone app after a second Zoom appointment. This allows Dini and her team to 3D print an exact replica of the client’s head. Finally, a third Zoom appointment is scheduled to make sure your new wig is exactly what you want and need.

With their revolutionary buy-from-home purchase and customer support process, Dini Wigs wants to make sure that each customer finds and falls in love with their wig in a process that is as easy as “1-2-3”. Simply select the style you want for your wig, try it on, and start looking (and feeling) fabulous!

Celebrate the beauty of the woman you are, step out in style today and every day and help conquer the stigma of hair loss this International Wig Day.

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