María Márquez-Salane Releases New Memoir – Betrayal, Sacrifice, and Hope in the Port of Callao

María Márquez-Salane Releases New Memoir - Betrayal, Sacrifice, and Hope in the Port of Callao
Betrayal, Sacrifice, and Hope in the Port of Callao by María Márquez-Salane
María Márquez-Salane is pleased to announce the release of her new memoir, Betrayal, Sacrifice, and Hope in the Port of Callao.

Love and resilience triumph in the face of adversity in this heart-wrenching true story…

Would the love of learning instilled by the grandmother and her unconditional love be sufficient to overcome the abandonment by the parents and the hostile environment into which the child was born?

This is the true, dramatic, and heartbreaking story of a child growing up with her paternal grandmother and siblings in the most terrifying and dangerous neighborhood known as Fort Apache in Callao, Lima-Perú. The police and other authorities did not dare to put a foot in this place for fear of being killed. The irresponsibility, immaturity, and absence of the child’s parents created an unbearable and treacherous experience in the little girl’s life. The only thing this child longed and hoped for in her short life was to be raised, accepted, and loved by her parents. Fortunately, the child’s paternal grandmother, Elsa came into her life like an angel. The grandmother asked God in church every Sunday to grant her health to raise her granddaughter as well as the others until they were old enough to take care of themselves. Did God fulfill the grandmother’s wish or were her efforts in vain?

A story of love, loss, and redemption – this memoir will stay with you long after you turn the last page…

About the Author:

María Márquez-Salane was born in Lima-Perú. She immigrated to New York City in the 80’s. As a young woman she learned English. She resides in Queens, New York with her family.  María’s discipline and dedication to her studies made her an outstanding student in college. She obtained a full scholarship to complete her graduate studies in education at Pace University. María graduated Magna Cum Laude with the Bachelor of Arts with majors in Spanish and Sociology at Queens College. The love of learning that she had acquired from her paternal grandmother while she was growing up in the impoverished neighborhood of Callao, Lima-Perú has been the backbone and the livelihood for the author’s survival and personal achievements in her native country and abroad. This is the author’s first non-fiction book.

Betrayal, Sacrifice, and Hope in the Port of Callao is available for purchase at Amazon

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