Mapme Transforms the Way Companies and Organizations Update Interactive Maps

Map To Sheets, Mapme’s new Google Sheets add-on, unlocks the power of Google Sheets to easily update interactive maps.

Tel Aviv – Oct 17th, 2023 – Thousands of companies and organizations worldwide rely on Mapme to create interactive maps without requiring coding skills or GIS expertise. While Mapme’s user-friendly map-building software has been a game-changer, the challenge of keeping maps up-to-date has persisted.

Addressing this issue, Mapme introduces an innovative solution that allows anyone within a company or organization to effortlessly update their interactive maps, eliminating the need to log in to the Mapme editor. All that’s required is access to a Google Sheet, which seamlessly updates map data in real-time.

Philippe Lang, CEO, and Co-Founder of Map Labs Ltd., remarked on this groundbreaking development: “We recognize that maintaining the accuracy and relevance of interactive maps is essential for our users. Our new feature empowers every member of a team to keep maps up-to-date with ease.”

This innovative solution reaffirms Mapme’s commitment to providing user-friendly and dynamic mapping tools for businesses and organizations worldwide.

Map To Sheets, Mapme’s new Google Sheets add-on, unlocks the power of Google Sheets to easily update interactive maps.

Here are some examples of how map creators can maximize the power of Google Sheets to update their interactive maps:

  • Copy and paste values to update many locations simultaneously.
  • Effortlessly delete multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Manage a separate sheet for the data and employ formulas in Map To Sheets to reference this data. Merge multiple cells to design a structured table for a location’s description.
  • Implement formulas to introduce dynamic content, like integrating a date field into the location’s description.
  • Incorporate media, such as YouTube videos, into the map locations.

Manage Multiple Maps with Map To Sheets
If a company has multiple maps in their Mapme account, they can manage them all using the same Google Sheets file. Each sheet will sync with a specific map.

Two-Way Synchronization With Map To Sheets, organizations can update maps in both the Mapme Editor and Google Sheets. The two-way synchronization ensures that the data is always the same in both the Mapme Editor and Google Sheets.

User Access Management Mapme customers can now allow their teammates to update their interactive map content without accessing the Mapme Editor. Set two user groups: those with Mapme Editor privileges and those restricted to Google Sheets. The latter can only edit map data, ensuring the safety of the map settings and preventing unauthorized access to other maps within the Mapme account.

Map To Sheets is officially available from the Google Workspace Marketplace as a Google Sheets Add-on.

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