Manufacturing Business in Toronto Offers Custom Tires & Wheels

Cars would not get very far without adequate tires and wheels to carry them along on the road. There are so many auto parts dealers that claim to sell affordable wheels, but their quality is less than great. Consumers who purchase cheap wheels like this will end up paying more in the long run. This encouraged one Toronto-based company to manufacture affordable wheels that would also last a very long time. Here is the website.

Autobahn Tires is a company run by one big team of auto mechanics, enthusiasts, designers, and engineers. Their specialty is manufacturing aftermarket wheels for all types of automobiles. As for tires, they carry the biggest name brand tires like Goodyear, Cooper, Bridgestone, Westlake, Toyo, General, and more. There are both new and used tires available for sale, which are influenced by their price.

People come to Autobahn Tires whenever they need repair or replacement work done on their tires. The business also offers regular auto maintenance services, such as wheel balancing and alignment. “We are the most competitive wheel and tire shop in Vaughan,” said a representative of Autobahn Tires. They later added, “We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have hand-selected many of our products from trusted tire and car accessory brands.”

Autobahn Tires manufactures custom single and multi-piece wheels for virtually all types of vehicles. They utilize a sophisticated technology known as Computer Numerical Control Machines (aka CNC Machines) for the offset shaving and bolt circle machines of their wheels. Customers can even request their own name, brand, design, and/or logo for their wheels as well. This allows car dealers and auto manufacturers to easily personalize their wheels to attract customers.

“We always encourage our customers to schedule periodic wheel alignments, tire balancing, and tire rotations on their vehicles,” the representative said. “These maintenance tasks are the best way to ensure the longevity of the wheels and tires on your car. New and old customers alike are welcome to come to Autobahn Tires and get these routine maintenance services done on their vehicles.”

Autobahn Tires has seasonal tires available as well. Customers can choose between the traditional three-season tires or the winter tires. The former is designed to endure normal weather conditions that consist of hot and cool temperatures. The treads on these tires don’t have the best traction, but they can withstand the intense heat of the summertime. On the other hand, the treads of winter tires are designed specifically for better traction. This is needed for driving on the icy and snowy roads of the winter season. Additional rim packages and car accessories are available too.

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