Manhattan Residential Real Estate Attorney Peter Zinkovetsky Shares Insights on For Sale By Owner Transactions

Manhattan Residential Real Estate Attorney Peter Zinkovetsky Shares Insights on For Sale By Owner Transactions
Manhattan Residential Real Estate Attorney Peter Zinkovetsky Shares Insights on For Sale By Owner Transactions

Renowned Manhattan residential real estate attorney Peter Zinkovetsky (, from Avenue Law Firm, has released an in-depth article titled, “Who Draws Up the Contract in A For Sale by Owner Transaction?” The piece aims to guide property owners through the process of selling their property without a real estate agent, highlighting the complex legal challenges that sellers may face during such transactions.

As a respected Manhattan residential real estate attorney, Zinkovetsky has a deep understanding of New York property law. His article provides a comprehensive overview of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions, outlining the responsibilities that sellers assume when they decide to bypass real estate agents. The article also delves into the intricacies of contractual agreements involved in such transactions, a subject that Zinkovetsky is well-versed in.

Zinkovetsky’s article emphasizes that while sellers might be enticed by the prospect of saving on real estate commission, they must be prepared for the complexities of FSBO transactions. As a Manhattan residential real estate attorney, he notes that sellers will have to handle various tasks themselves, such as marketing the property, dealing with potential buyers, and initiating legal processes. Most importantly, they will need to prepare the legal documents necessary to facilitate the sale, which can be daunting without the appropriate knowledge.

Zinkovetsky states, “While it is the intention to save money by not hiring an agent, individuals may end up spending more on fixing costly legal mistakes and real estate litigation without the necessary knowledge of property law.” He further explains that hiring a skilled real estate attorney can ensure that sellers’ rights are protected, making the process less overwhelming.

The article also differentiates between a ‘Contract of Sale’ and a ‘Contract To Sell’. Zinkovetsky discusses the importance of understanding the nuanced differences between the two, saying, “Understanding the differences between a contract to sell and a contract of sale is important to avoid jeopardizing the deal or entering into a disadvantageous agreement.”

He elaborates on the role of a real estate attorney in FSBO transactions, explaining that their advice can help sellers avoid legal pitfalls and potential litigation. He further comments, “A skilled attorney can leverage their experience and knowledge of both real estate law and the market to help individuals avoid scams and ensure that their rights are protected.”

The article serves as a valuable resource for those considering an FSBO transaction. Its detailed exploration of the complexities and nuances of the process, along with Zinkovetsky’s clear, practical advice, makes the undertaking of selling a home independently much less daunting.

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