Manhattan Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Releases Crucial Guide on Obtaining Orders of Protection in New York

Manhattan Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Releases Crucial Guide on Obtaining Orders of Protection in New York

Manhattan family law attorney Richard Roman Shum ( of the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum has recently published a comprehensive article detailing the evidence necessary for obtaining an order of protection in New York. The insightful piece serves as a legal guide for individuals seeking protection from domestic violence, harassment, stalking, or other abusive behaviors.

The article sheds light on the legal framework for securing an order of protection through New York’s Family Court Act. The Act outlines two prevailing forms of protective orders: one through the family court and another via criminal court. The Manhattan family law attorney emphasizes that family court orders are typically pursued when there’s no concurrent criminal case or if the behavior in question doesn’t amount to a criminal offense.

According to the Manhattan family law attorney, victims of abuse must file a Family Offense Petition, citing at least one family offense as defined in the Family Court Act. “Family offenses cover a range of behaviors, from disorderly conduct to sexual assault,” says Shum. “The goal is to support and represent those in need of protection, ensuring they understand their rights and the legal paths available to them.”

The article further elaborates on the types of orders of protection, including the urgent Temporary Order of Protection, which may be issued without notice or hearing in situations where immediate danger is present. Shum’s article also serves as a step-by-step guide for victims, explaining the process of applying for a protection order with the essential assistance of an attorney.

“The journey to secure an order of protection involves meticulous preparation and presentation of evidence,” mentions Shum. “A dedicated attorney can assist clients every step of the way, from filing the initial petition to representing their interests in court.”

The article by the Manhattan family law attorney emphasizes the critical role of evidence in legal proceedings, particularly for obtaining a Permanent Order of Protection. It details the importance of different types of evidence such as affidavits, police reports, medical records, and other relevant documents in supporting a victim’s request effectively.

Victims of domestic violence or abuse can take comfort in knowing that legal protections are within reach. The article emphasizes the importance of acting swiftly and consulting with a knowledgeable attorney to navigate the complexities of obtaining an Order of Protection.

For individuals in New York facing the daunting challenge of protecting themselves from abuse, the guidance of a seasoned Manhattan family law attorney is indispensable. The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum stands ready to assist those in need, providing expert legal counsel and unwavering support throughout the process.

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