Manhattan Divorce Mediation Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses When Mediation May Not Be Advisable in Recent Article

Manhattan Divorce Mediation Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses When Mediation May Not Be Advisable in Recent Article

Manhattan divorce mediation attorney Ryan Besinque of The Law Office of Ryan Besinque ( has recently published an informative article shedding light on divorce resolution methods. The article titled, “When is Divorce Mediation Not Recommended?” addresses the limitations of divorce mediation and the circumstances under which alternative dispute resolution methods or court intervention might be necessary.

In the world of divorce resolution, mediation stands out as a process designed to minimize conflict and empower couples to reach amicable settlements. However, as the Manhattan divorce mediation attorney explains, there are instances where this method may not be the most effective path for all parties involved. The article brings to attention the scenarios in which mediation could be ineffective or even impossible, offering crucial guidance for those navigating the complexities of divorce.

The Manhattan divorce mediation attorney outlined several situations where mediation might not be appropriate. High conflict relationships, cases of domestic violence, lack of cooperation from one partner, financial opacity, and significant mental health issues are among the conditions that could hinder the mediation process. The article highlights the importance of recognizing these factors early on to avoid wasted time, resources, and additional emotional stress.

“Divorce mediation relies on a foundation of open communication and fair negotiation,” states Ryan Besinque. “When these elements are compromised, whether through power imbalances, abuse, or an unwillingness to cooperate, the mediation process is unlikely to succeed and could even worsen the situation.”

The article delves into the fundamental principles of divorce mediation, such as voluntary participation, confidentiality, and neutrality, and contrasts these with the legal limitations mediators have under New York law. It also underscores the legal boundaries of mediators, emphasizing that while they can facilitate discussions, they cannot issue legally binding decisions or provide legal advice.

Moreover, Besinque discusses the importance of understanding when judicial intervention is the more appropriate avenue, particularly in situations involving domestic violence, unresolved legal disputes, or when financial transparency is in question. The necessity for court involvement to protect the rights of all parties and ensure compliance with New York state laws is a critical point made in the article.

For couples in New York for whom mediation is not a viable option, the article outlines alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative divorce, arbitration, and neutral evaluation. It also provides a look at what to expect if litigation becomes the only pathway forward.

As Manhattan divorce mediation attorney Ryan Besinque points out, “Recognizing the limitations of mediation is essential. While it can be a powerful tool for many, it’s important to have realistic expectations and to understand all available options.”

Those facing the challenge of divorce are encouraged to consider all factors and seek professional legal guidance. The Law Office of Ryan Besinque stands ready to assist individuals in need of navigating the divorce process, offering a compassionate and informed approach to securing fair resolutions that align with their unique circumstances.

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