Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Shares Insights for a Healthy Marriage Separation Process in Latest Article Release

Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Shares Insights for a Healthy Marriage Separation Process in Latest Article Release
Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Shares Insights for a Healthy Marriage Separation Process in Latest Article Release

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum (, well-known for his pragmatic and compassionate approach to the challenging process of marriage separation, recently published an insightful article titled ‘8 Tips for a Healthy Marriage Separation Process’. The release from The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum comes as a beacon of guidance for couples navigating the rocky terrains of a marriage separation, advocating for a civil and amicable approach to the process.

In the first few lines of the article, the Manhattan divorce lawyer underscores the complexity and emotional toll of a marriage separation process. “No one wants a contentious separation,” states Shum, acknowledging the immense pressure couples face, which is often intensified if children are involved. His article, however, aims to shift perspectives, emphasizing that with the right approach, a separation process need not be filled with conflict and stress. Assistance from a highly-rated divorce lawyer can help facilitate a smoother transition during such challenging times.

The Manhattan divorce lawyer’s article offers a range of actionable tips to ease the separation process. He suggests taking time to process emotions, being courteous to your spouse, managing expectations and setting boundaries, prioritizing children’s needs, auditing finances, and seeking help from family mediators or family law attorneys. The article further highlights the importance of exploring friendlier divorce options and exercising patience throughout the journey. These insights, coupled with Shum’s practical approach, shed light on how couples can navigate the separation process amicably and healthily.

On speaking about the importance of patience during the process, Richard Roman Shum shares, “It’s common for people undergoing a separation to feel frustrated about their spouse, their children, or about how slow the processes involved can be. With patience, you can start the process of healing and move on without feeling pressured to accept convenient options.” He further emphasizes that each case is unique, and while some might be more difficult than others, following the tips laid out in the article can contribute to a more stable and friendlier separation process.

As an adept Manhattan divorce lawyer, Richard Roman Shum firmly believes that cooperation between partners is crucial in a separation process. He argues that even on difficult days, maintaining cooperation is key to avoiding further degradation of the relationship.

Drawing upon his understanding of the emotional and legal complexities involved, Shum concludes with an offer of guidance for those navigating marriage separation in New York, ensuring his law office’s commitment to alleviating emotional difficulties and guiding clients through the process strategically and empathetically.

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The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is a renowned firm in New York City, offering qualified legal assistance in matters of divorce, mediation, and family law. Headed by Richard Roman Shum, the firm is known for its compassionate approach, keen understanding of the intricacies of family law, and unwavering commitment to advocating for the best interests of their clients. Through its blend of legal acumen, empathetic understanding, and strategic approach, the firm consistently aims to provide a supportive, clear path for those navigating the challenges of marriage separation and divorce.


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