Manhattan Divorce Attorney Richard Roman Shum Offers Insight on Amicable Divorce Strategies

Manhattan Divorce Attorney Richard Roman Shum Offers Insight on Amicable Divorce Strategies

Manhattan divorce attorney Richard Roman Shum ( of the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum has recently published an insightful article on achieving an amicable divorce. The enlightening piece serves as a guide for couples looking to navigate the dissolution of their marriage with dignity, respect, and a mutual desire for a positive outcome.

In the bustling urban landscape of Manhattan, Richard Roman Shum emphasizes the benefits of an amicable separation. “Divorce does not have to be synonymous with conflict,” says the Manhattan divorce attorney. “With the right approach, couples can protect their emotional well-being and preserve their financial assets, all while laying a healthier foundation for their future.”

The article released by the Manhattan divorce attorney delves into the emotional and financial advantages of avoiding adversarial court proceedings. In an area like Manhattan, where the division of complex assets and urban lifestyles can often complicate divorce, attorney Shum advocates for a cooperative strategy that spares both parties from unnecessary conflict.

Richard Roman Shum further explains that an amicable divorce is not just about maintaining a friendly relationship; it is about making informed decisions that consider the future of all individuals involved, including children. “It’s about creating a settlement that respects each party’s needs and lays the groundwork for a constructive post-divorce life,” Shum remarks.

The article outlines the legal requirements for a divorce in New York, including the option of a “no-fault” divorce, which can prevent airing grievances publicly and may be less emotionally taxing for the parties involved. Shum also stresses the importance of meeting residency requirements and reaching an agreement on key issues such as property division and child custody.

Shum’s article further explores the benefits of amicable separation, which include maintaining a functional relationship for effective co-parenting and ensuring more privacy, as settlements are less likely to be made public than in contested divorces. These divorces can also be resolved more swiftly, enabling individuals to move forward without prolonged disputes.

Preparation for the divorce process is critical, and Mr. Shum offers practical advice for initiating the conversation with one’s spouse, setting realistic goals, and choosing the right time and place for discussions. A divorce attorney can play a vital role in providing legal guidance to support a smooth and cooperative divorce process, in accordance with New York’s divorce laws.

Finalizing an amicable divorce can still be complex, and understanding the Manhattan divorce court process is essential. Mr. Shum explains that signing the divorce agreement should be approached with thorough understanding and the assistance of a lawyer. Post-divorce formalities are also crucial to ensure the legal completion of the divorce, such as updating personal records and adjusting estate planning documents.

For those in Manhattan considering a divorce, the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is a cornerstone for navigating the complexities of marriage dissolution. Richard Roman Shum’s experience in the field of family law ensures that clients receive thoughtful, compassionate, and competent legal guidance.

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The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum, located in the heart of Manhattan, is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support to individuals undergoing the challenging process of divorce. With a focus on amicable resolutions, the firm assists clients in turning a new chapter in their lives with poise and mutual respect. The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum remains committed to upholding the dignity of all parties involved and ensuring that the voice and rights of every client are effectively represented.


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