Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr Releases Insightful Article on ‘Avoiding Custody Disputes Over Summer Break’

Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr Releases Insightful Article on ‘Avoiding Custody Disputes Over Summer Break’
Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr Releases Insightful Article on ‘Avoiding Custody Disputes Over Summer Break’

Renowned Manhattan child custody lawyer Martin Mohr ( of New York Family Law Group has authored a timely article titled ‘Avoiding Custody Disputes Over Summer Break’. The article provides guidance for divorced or separated parents on how to navigate the potential challenges of co-parenting during summer break, which is a period often accompanied by changes in routines and heightened activity for children.

The Manhattan child custody lawyer has outlined several tips in the article to help parents develop a summer custody and visitation plan that meets the family’s needs. Mohr emphasizes the importance of structure, sticking to the agreed plan, being open-minded, involving the children in decision-making, and considering legal options when challenges arise. His insights are informed by his extensive experience as a Manhattan child custody lawyer and his commitment to facilitating positive outcomes for families navigating custody issues.

“Summer break should be a time for children to have fun and for families to bond,” says Manhattan child custody lawyer Martin Mohr. “But for divorced or separated parents, it can also be a source of stress and conflicts. It’s essential to create a custody and visitation plan that takes into consideration the best interests of the child.”

Mohr also explains the 5-5-2-2 custody schedule, which is commonly employed by parents sharing joint custody. This schedule ensures an equal amount of time with the child for both parents over a two-week period. He acknowledges the advantages of this arrangement, such as regular time with both parents and a consistent schedule, but also highlights potential drawbacks, like the child finding it challenging to adjust to frequently changing homes.

“Effective communication between parents is crucial in coordinating activities and ensuring consistency for the child, especially if they spend weekdays in both homes,” Mohr adds. He also points out the necessity for parents to live relatively close to each other and, if the child is attending school, in proximity to the school itself.

One of the standout aspects of the article is the emphasis on involving children in the decision-making process. Mohr explains that children who feel their input is considered are more likely to agree to the schedule. He cautions, however, that this should be done with children of the right age, as preteens and teenagers may find it easier to express their preferences than toddlers.

As the summer break approaches, it is important to keep in mind the needs and best interests of the child. This article is a must-read for divorced or separated parents seeking to avoid custody disputes and build a conducive environment for their children during the summer.

Take this opportunity to read Martin Mohr’s article and consider the invaluable guidance provided. With careful planning and open communication, it is possible to create a harmonious summer break experience for both parents and children.

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