Mango CM Allows Users to Create 2D Animated Characters With Ease

Mango CM Allows Users to Create 2D Animated Characters With Ease
Easily Create dynamic, interesting 2D animated characters with Mango CM.
Mango Animate develops a good character maker(Mango CM) that enables global users to easily make interesting 2D animated characters for different uses.

Cartoons frequently influence people’s preconceived notions of character animations in movies or video games. Character animations are low-cost investments that could represent brand personality professionally yet compellingly. Mango Animate has developed a 2D character animation maker that allows users to customize roles. Creating 2D animated characters normally consumes a substantial amount of time and energy. Mango CM doesn’t require users to have the technical expertise to use it. 

This animated character creator allows users to transform static PNG images or PSD layers into animated characters in a flash by adding virtual bones, facial expressions, postures, and versatile animations to bring artwork imagination to life. Users can choose from a vast library of available animated characters for rapid creation. Skilled animators are allowed to design ready-to-use and customizable animated character templates. Furthermore, Mango CM helps users speed up the creation process by offering pre-rigged human and animal templates. Mango CM also provides a bone editor (Rig Mode) to customize the bone structures of characters using a bone tool.

Mango CM has a huge motion library of pre-programmed physical movements and facial expressions. Drag and drop front, side, and back motions onto the timeline to get started. The accessory library of the dynamic animated character creator allows users to make characters distinctive by selecting outfits, accessories, facial features, etc. Mango CM contains the Inverse Kinematic (IK) feature. It empowers users to modify the character’s moves and poses effortlessly to produce more organic motion graphics. Adding audio to match animated characters’ movements will give viewers an immersive experience. Preview the final product and export across various platforms in MP4, PNG, MOV, and animated GIF formats.

“We develop this animated character creator for utmost comfort and efficiency. It gives users complete access to unleash creativity and add fun elements to characters in a hassle-free way,” says Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate.

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