Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Maker Makes Teaching and Learning Fun

Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Maker Makes Teaching and Learning Fun

Young learners tend to pay more attention to animated whiteboard videos because dynamic gestures and animation effects will keep them curious about what happens next.
To liven up a class with animated whiteboard videos is a good strategy to teach young learners. Mango Animate whiteboard video maker provides teachers with intuitive tools to make such engaging classes.

Young children have very short attention spans and are easily distracted. They also become bored quickly if the content being taught to them is not engaging. Educators of young children therefore are faced with the challenge of creating lessons that not only teach relevant concepts but are interesting enough to hold their charges’ attention and remain with them after classes are finished. The whiteboard video maker from Mango Animate can make creating such lessons less tedious and ensure that both teaching and learning are fun.

A traditional classroom usually has a whiteboard as a standard piece of furniture. It proves very useful for explaining ideas and mapping a concept from start to finish. Mango Animate whiteboard video maker puts a modern twist on the whiteboard and makes it even more fun. There are dozens of hands preloaded into the whiteboard video maker plus teachers can import images of the topic being taught and use them as drawing tools. What could be more fun for students than having the things they’re learning about being used to illustrate the lesson?

The whiteboard video maker is also packed with captivating media items that teachers can use to depict different parts of their lessons. Images, symbols, charts, and shapes make for a much livelier session than endless text. They can also make use of dynamic characters to do role play and get the students excited. A handy record button is included in the whiteboard video maker as well. With a simple click, teachers can record themselves explaining various points so that their students still feel connected to them and the learning process.

Young learners are bound to love the hundreds of fascinating animation effects offered in the whiteboard video maker. The hand drawing effect in particular will keep them engrossed and ensure they retain the content long after class has ended. This effect, when applied to any image, will draw the image as students watch, just like their teacher was doing it, only more fun.

“I think the whiteboard video maker provides a cool way to learn. I wish they’d had that when I was in school,” says Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate.

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